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360 degree cloud technologies pvt. ltd.

Salesforce for Banking

Optimize banking and lending with Salesforce
for a digital-first future

Get Unified Banking solutions built on Salesforce

Track Leads and Referrals

Use referral components to track your leads and referrals through their lifecycle, from creation to conversion

Omni-Channel Experiences

Minimize onboarding complexity and build trust with digital experiences and self-service options

Improve Operational Efficiency

Get greater insights into accounts and assets for better client understanding to deliver personalized service

Drive Customer Loyalty

Deliver personalized services on any channel and integrate entire banking experience to boost customer loyalty

Build a lifetime of trust with seamless digital experience

Unify data to automate your routine tasks, secure data and interactions, and manage volume

Benefits of Using Salesforce for Banking

Improve Banker Efficiency

Manage deal lifecycle while tracking activities and interactions to speed up decision-making

Discover New Relationships

Uncover unanticipated relationships with relevant personnel or companies by analyzing insights

Improve Marketing Efforts

Identify preferred engagement channels, trends, and customer expectations to personalize marketing journeys

Enable Mobile Banking

Enhance customer convenience and accessibility with mobile banking, enabling banking from anywhere

Identify Next Best Actions

Use predictive intelligence to get real-time data insights to identify when a deal is likely to close and what actions to take

Automate Operations

Simplify manual and tedious tasks with prebuilt workflows using automation to achieve broader business goals

Upgrade Banking Support

Improve case escalation process for banking support by prioritizing queries and complaints 

Digitize Banking Experience for Agents and Customers


Integrate internal data with external market data to view revenue and potential risks 


Surface complaints together and set priority levels to speed up case resolution


Access analytics reports to make informed decisions to serve clients faster


Track net incoming and outgoing amount to prepare pre-approved loans and card suggestions

Self-Service Features

Use Einstein Bots on online portals or website, enabling customers find solution to their problems


Track all stages of lead management to organize and qualify leads into customers


Simplify knowledge sharing and access to resources on banking trends with communities


Track transactions and investments of each customers through dashboards

Implement Salesforce for Banking Firms with 360 Degree Cloud

Team of Certified Experts

We have a pool of certified Salesforce developers, creating banking solutions over years

Achieve Customer Retention

We help you improve customer fulfillment and engagement for enhanced retention

Maintain Compliance

We ensure sensitive client or deal information is only shared with relevant stakeholders to maintain compliance

Deliver Digital- First Service

We’ll help you enable digital banking services and implement self-service options to save agents time

Access Significant Customizability

We’ll help to customize your Salesforce solution according to your use-cases to enhance productivity