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360 degree cloud technologies pvt. ltd.

Zendesk Salesforce Integration

Get a holistic view of your customers through a dynamic two-way integration between Zendesk and Salesforce

Get an Unparalleled View of Your Customer Data with
Zendesk-Salesforce Integration

Improve Customer Satisfaction

Conduct better conversations by pulling any data and viewing full customer profiles next to active tickets

Sync your Sales and Support Teams

Achieve faster resolutions by collaborating your sales and support teams with the ability to view, create, and update tickets in Salesforce

Boost Ticket Management

Make it easier for teams to view reports in Salesforce, Analyze and resolve Zendesk support tickets based on priorities

Get Updates on Customer Interests

Track customer interests across all points of interactions managed by your sales and support teams and create strategies accordingly

Give real-time visibility to your support and sales teams

Improve the coordination between teams and resolve customer issues faster

Benefits of Salesforce-Zendesk Integration

Speed up the Resolution

Sync your support and sales team to resolve customer issues faster and decrease resolution time

Access Tickets within

Enable teams to access Zendesk support tickets  within Salesforce to save time


Customize Zendesk functionalities according to your unique sales and support strategies

Get Real-Time

Get automatic and seamless updates on Zendesk on the status of customer issues with Zendesk Salesforce integration

Manage Accounts with Less
Manual Work

No manual effort needed to keep your support team updated about new accounts and priorities

Keep Tickets

Improve communication with customers with up-to-date tickets and customer records

Bring your Sales and Support Team Closer with Salesforce-Zendesk Integration

Get Complete View of Customer Issues

Track customer satisfaction easily with a complete view of their experience and issues faced

Boost Productivity with Triggers

Set and enable triggers on different activities like creation of new user, ticket, or record

Enable Teams to Take Quick Decisions

Improve collaboration between your sales and support team to improve decision-making process

Increase Customer Response Time

Get your sales and support teams aligned on customer records to quickly respond to customer queries

Integrate Salesforce and Zendesk with 360 Degree Cloud

Salesforce Certified

We are a team of certified Salesforce developers, experienced with working on Salesforce-Zendesk integration

Improve Case

We help your support and sales team to speed up case resolution, thus achieving customer satisfaction

Quick and Error-Free

We ensure speedy and hassle-free integration without any errors or redundancies in customer data


Our technical experts are always available to take up queries and issues you face post-integration

Synchronize your sales and support teams on a single shared customer database