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360 degree cloud technologies pvt. ltd.

Quality Assurance Salesforce Applications

Hire Salesforce testers to get high coverage
for end-to-end QA testing for Salesforce implementations, projects, and apps

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Quality Assurance for
Robust Salesforce Applications

Experienced Professionals
Certified & Experienced Testers

Hire Salesforce QA testers with experience of working on projects from 30+ industries for robust solutions and successful AppExchange security review

Range of testing
Range of Testing Services

Conduct both positive and negative testing to ensure your application handles unexpected user behavior

Transparent Approach
Long-Term Issue Resolution

Achieve resolution of known and persisting system issues for enhanced usability and data security

Eliminate Data Redundancies
Eliminate Data Redundancies

Ensure successful application development and release without worrying about replication or redundancy issues

Ensure Optimum Functionality of Your Salesforce Applications

Access Top-of-the Line Expertise for Salesforce Manual Testing

Full-Cycle Quality Assurance
at 360 Degree Cloud

unit testing

Unit Testing

Testing done while allowing developers to write, run, and check the results of implemented test cases

system testing

System Testing

Technical processes of the system are tested from start to finish while troubleshooting problems

User Acceptance Testing

User Acceptance Testing

Potential users test the system following a test script to check the ability of the system to support business

producation testing

Production Testing

Code is tested to ensure it is correctly deployed from sandbox to production environment

Regression Testing

Regression Testing

Configurations and code are tested to check if they are affecting the existing user processes of the system

Our Comprehensive Suite of Testing Services

Full Cycle Testing
Full-Cycle Testing

Achieve all measures of quality assurance within the development life-cycle

Functional Testing
Functional Testing

Manage the functionality of the solution and its relationship with users

Security Testing
Security Testing

Deploy security testing  to meet end-user’s security and compliance needs

Accessibility Testing
Accessibility Testing

Enable accessibility testing to ensure successful user adoption across user roles 

Mobile Testing
Mobile Testing 

Achieve mobile compatibility of your applications for seamless user experience

Usability Testing
Usability Testing

Invoke usability testing to uncover and fix unexpected issues in web or mobile usage

Why Hire Our Vetted QA and Testing Services


Get your code tested within the sandbox to identify issues and fix them before the product release

Hire Salesforce quality assurance experts to ensure meeting standard security guidelines
get error and succes fils
Get Error and Success Files

Achieve error and success files with all the details with our experienced QAs explaining every detail precisely

Conduct Production Unit Testing

Conduct Production Unit Testing

Perform testing deployment within the production environment within a single test record

Achieve Business Continuity

Our experienced QAs setting real-time scenarios for testing, ensuring user adoption and change management

Accelerate Salesforce Projects Without Compromising Quality