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360 degree cloud technologies pvt. ltd.

Salesforce for Loan Processing

Improve loan origination processing and
workflows to deliver an end-to-end
customer experience

Create a More Transparent Lending Process with Salesforce

Streamline Digital

Unify your business on a single platform with more transparency and self-service options

Create Customer
Community Profiles

Create profiles for customer communities with access to loan objects and document checklists

Accelerate Loan

Cut down the long loan approval cycles with automated verification and validation

borrower data

Maintain consistent and transparent information by unifying the lending experience over Salesforce

Deliver seamless borrowing experience, from start to finish

Automate approvals and accelerate growth by scaling efficiencies across your loan financing business

Upgrade Your Loan Processing System with Salesforce

Set Triggers to Target Customers

Track customers to identify life events or behavior triggers and create tailored marketing campaigns

Automated Verification

Instantly determine the accuracy of loan and KYC applications with automation

Third-Party Integrations

Easily integrate multiple third-party applications with Salesforce to consolidate borrower data and activities

Enable Self-Service

Reduce dependence on support staff, make service accessible by including self-service features like chatbots for customers through portals

Streamline Collection Process

Make collections efficiently and set reminders to receive due payments seamlessly with a centrally managed platform

Send Personalized Offers

Take a customer-centric approach by using insights and data to create personalized offers for customers

Benefits of Using Salesforce for Loan Processing

Automate Originations

Make real-time decisions based on aggregated data, and operationalize and automate loan originations and underwritings

Transparent Processes

Unify your entire lending process and access it through dashboards to maintain complete visibility of the process

End-to-End Compliance

Automatically aggregate data from systems, KYC, and documents to ensure compliance with regulatory

Eliminate Manual

Eliminate manual entries to reduce errors and redundancies by automating processes

Increase Approval

Automate verification process and analyze variables to reduce borrowing risks

Boost Customer

Use insights to know customer problem areas and personalize offers for more relevant cross-selling

Loan Processing Services We Enable at 360 Degree Cloud

Loan Origination  

Speed up loan application verification and approval process for loan origination

KYC Automation

Instantly determine the accuracy KYC applications with document verification

Loan Upgrades  

Upgrade existing loan or incorporate add-on like insurance easily on a centralized system

Loan Referrals  

Segment and manage referrals based on factors like interests, services, or amount.

Implement Salesforce for Loan Processing with 360 Degree Cloud

Salesforce Certified

We have a pool of vetted and certified Salesforce developers, experienced with working on lending solutions

Easily Handle

We help you manage transactions and collections easily through records and timely reminders

Deliver Digital-First

We help you boost your lending process digitally by automating complex processes

Faster Service

We provide quicker service to increase productivity of your lending agents with nearly zero downtime