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360 degree cloud technologies pvt. ltd.

Salesforce for Pharma

Build and manage relationships with providers,
manage referrals and automate marketing

Drive Cutting-Edge Medical Innovation with Salesforce

Manual Tasks

Automate manual admin-related tasks to boost productivity of the care providers while reducing errors

Centralize Sales

Enable enhanced user experience, clarity, and access to sales data with a centralized repository

Improve Inventory

Keep your medicine and treatment record on a centralized platform to enable easy access for the team

Build Powerful Relationships

Track and manage data to develop powerful relationships and find out what works for your patients

Improve Case Resolution

Quickly generate tickets for issues raised by pharma customers and address them according to their priority

Enhance patient programs while reducing operational costs

Deliver therapeutic-specific support, manage drug trials, and track sales and marketing with built-in analytic

Connect patient experience and research for future-readiness

Improve Doctor-Patient Relationship

Enable doctors and providers to have a full visibility of patient journey and personalize engagement with them

Connect Patient Experience

Enhance patient programs and get patients on therapy faster, delivering connected personalized experience

Centralize Medical Recordkeeping

Allow medical representatives to centrally manage and share patient records and medical history among them

Better Care Collaboration

Gain greater health insights and build enduring relationships to deliver outcome-based service throughout patients’ journeys

Prepare for Future

Analyze trends and market insights to predict growing pharmaceutical needs and treatment solutions

Accelerate Trials, Compliance, and patient outreach

Drug Trial Management

Empower patient and provider with tools and insights that improve drug trial experience and record feedback

Migrate External Users
Marketing Intelligence

Make quantifiable observations using data analytics to easily pitch new products to customers

Data Integration & Interoperability  

Work within and across organizational boundaries to enhance delivery and maintain relationships

Maintain Compliance

Manage operations within strict privacy and compliance laws with Salesforce to stay FDA/FTC/HIPAA compliant

Patient Support Programs  

Maintain patient journey knowledge to create personalized patient support programs for a great experience

Engagement & Consumerization  

Determine the desired customer experience and build corresponding journeys that can be automated

Implement Salesforce for Pharma Companies with 360 Degree Cloud

Get the right
Salesforce team

We have a pool of vetted and  certified Salesforce developers, experienced with working on solutions for pharmaceutical firms

Eradicate Regulatory

Our solutions help you meet changing regulatory requirements through intelligent software solutions


We help you identify opportunities out of leads and keep track of customers by capturing insights

Rollout new
services faster

We provide support to assist you with your queries and complaints while minimizing downtime 

Deliver patient-focused results-driven drug programs combine with pharmaceutical e-commerce