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360 degree cloud technologies pvt. ltd.

Salesforce Integration with Xero

Get a unified system to simplify accounting operations

Xero and Salesforce Integration
to Optimize Accounting

Streamline Accounting Tasks

Manage different activities like billing, invoice generation, accounting details through a single platform

Get Advanced Accounting Features

Access functionalities like accounts payable, expense claims, fixed assets depreciation, and business reporting

Secure Data Synchronization

Bring all accounting details together within Salesforce by synchronizing data and removing any duplicate records

Promote Accuracy and Collaboration

Eliminate unwanted silos with accounting records through seamless collaboration across teams

Streamline accounting operations

Work with critical data in real-time with increased accuracy

How we work on Xero-Salesforce Integration

Using APIs

Get custom code workflows to generate API calls for integrating data Xero with Salesforce

Standard App Integration Using AppExchange

Achieve instant Xero-Salesforce integration using an application as a trigger

Benefits of Xero-Salesforce

Create Invoices

Create and manage Xero invoices easily within Salesforce

Track Invoice Status

Track invoices within Salesforce, so you always know what’s due or overdue

Speedy Reporting

Build and manage reports, emails, documents, and proposals within Salesforce

Manage Complex

Access features for complex billing for varying choices of products, services, add-ons, payments methods, currencies

Automate Invoice Generation

Automate the process of invoice generation with ability to setup GST, VAT, tax for multiple currencies and tax locations


Create accurate invoices by setting pre-populated fields like discounts, tax rates, dates, etc

Ask 360 Degree Cloud for a
Xero-Salesforce Integration

Decade-Long Industry Experience

Our certified Salesforce experts are highly skilled and experienced in working with Salesforce-Xero integration

Retain Business Logic

We offer support to help you to retain business logic and eliminate silos for an improved billing process

User Training for Xero

Get an on-demand working model of Xero-Salesforce integration to facilitate user training

Post-Installation Support

Our experts take up any queries or doubts post-installation, delivering support to reach customer satisfaction

Bridge the Gap between Sales and Finance with an enterprise-grade accounting integration