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360 degree cloud technologies pvt. ltd.

Salesforce Zapier Integration

Automate your work and have more time for what
matters most, without any additional code

Why Choose Zapier for Integrating Apps with Salesforce

No Manual

Easily capture essential data without logging into the Salesforce Org

Create Synced
Records Easily

Automatically get your records created in Salesforce while you create records in other apps


Zapier takes all your physically handled tasks and automates them in the background concurrently

Track Your

Record your previous and current business activities and receive a detailed report of running tasks

Integrate multiple applications with Salesforce using Zapier


Automate workflows over integrations to accelerate operations and reduce human effort

Benefits of Salesforce Integration with Zapier


Save the development cost as Zapier allows no-code integration, making it easy even for a non-developer

Easy Data

Conduct hassle-free data transaction processing with Zapier mapping 

Saves Time with

Save an enormous amount on time spent on manual app integrations and field mapping

Social Networks

Sync your social networks like LinkedIn and Facebook with Salesforce to conduct marketing with Salesforce

Set Up Custom

Stay on the loop and never miss an opportunity to reach your audience by triggering custom notifications

Build a Rapport with

Set up calendar events like meetings on online platforms to easily build a rapport with your customers

Hassle-Free Salesforce-Zapier Integration with Experts

Analyzing Business Needs

Evaluation will be conducted to know if you need Zapier for integrating third-party apps

Integration Consulting

Get the guidance on how to work with integration and connect Salesforce with other apps

Setting Up Essential Triggers

Set up  important triggers to make third-party application integration quicker and easier

Creating and Testing Zap

Zaps will be created and tested according to your need of third-party applications

Achieve Zapier and Salesforce Integration with 360 Degree Cloud

Salesforce Certified

We are a team of certified Salesforce developers, experienced with conducting Salesforce and Zapier integration

Identify Integration

We help you to find out if Zapier is needed for your Salesforce org and create and test zaps accordingly

Integration with
Several Apps

We help you integrate your Salesforce account with different apps like Email, PayPal, HubSpot, etc. using Zapier

On-Going Technical

We take full responsibility to support you with queries and integration issues with quick responses

Enable no-code Salesforce Integration with multiple web applications