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Salesforce Data
Migration Services

Oversee Change Management for legacy processes without disruptions. Re-purpose and consolidate legacy data for new insights.

Turn to us for
Salesforce Data Migration Services

Legacy Data Digitization
Extract more monetary value

from existing data points & discover new business opportunities with Salesforce migration services


Leading-Edge Insights

Make legacy data available

to innovative greenfield work toolchains and applications with Salesforce migration


Cloud-Agnostic Solution

Accommodate any Custom Field Data and architecture

while adapting to existing processes and workflows

Implement Custom Schemas

Create dynamic environment

to easily view and modify custom objects in your solution

What we as Salesforce Platinum Partners bring to

Salesforce Data Migration

Field Mapping

Data relationships

carried out with identical fields in the new CRM

Relationship Mapping

Fields related with other objects
are maintained and replicated in the new system


Eliminate redundancies
to reduce storage overhead

Seamless Migration

Smooth data migration
carried out using the latest ETL tools

Data Security

Our Salesforce migration services
complies with international standards of data security

Data Integrity

Accuracy and consistency of data
remains our top priority during the migration process
What you can expect with our

Data Migration Services

Map fields you want to migrate

Take advantage of built-in data mapping options
to set up the record migration to the selected fields, making data migration easier and quicker

Migrate custom fields and data

Move custom data fields to CRM
and transfer the default records right from the migration wizard

Use Permissions, Hierarchy, Optimization

Achieve faster search & discovery
with user-mapping so you can migrate records to the corresponding users on Salesforce and get faster insights


Salesforce Data Migration is moving or transferring data to or from Salesforce to other destinations, such as a database, data warehouse, or application. Migrating data to Salesforce helps in many ways.
– It helps to ensure data integrity as data will be compiled into a singular location.
– It enables data governance to ensure Salesforce data is reliable and accurate.
– It clearly maps data routes so users can easily find their data when needed.

There are several steps to be followed to migrate data in Salesforce. Consider hiring Salesforce professionals for safe data migration. You can also follow these steps for Salesforce data migration:
1. Identify the data that you wish to migrate to Salesforce
2. Then you have to create templates for the data to be migrated
3. Review your data and populate your templates
4. Prepare your destination org
5. Lastly, validate your data

Yes, Salesforce supports data migration, which allows migrating data from legacy systems and other applications to Salesforce.
Make sure you always follow the best practices for Salesforce migration. Some of these best practices that you can consider are:
– Determine the scope of your project
– Make sure that the migration plan you are going to follow is compatible with existing policies
– Set up a timeframe for Salesforce migration
– Make sure to document each step of data migration

You can migrate data by inserting or importing records from another Salesforce legacy source or external sources into a new target organization. You can follow these steps to carry out the migration or get help from Salesforce data migration services.
1. Start with identifying the data you want to migrate
2. Create templates for the data to be migrated
3. Review your data properly and then populate your templates
4. Plan and prepare your destination org
5. Validate your data