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What is it like to Offshore Salesforce Cloud Services and CRM Customization? When should you do it?

Businesses of all levels have been accepting Salesforce as their comprehensive business automation platform. The decision to outsource Salesforce development and customization can be difficult, but it’s important for the strategic growth of the company. The CRM capabilities and features of Salesforce have proven their worth, leading to more and more companies investing in Salesforce …

What Do the Best Salesforce Partners Do Differently

While Salesforce implementation can help an organization improve its processes efficiency, but if not done right, it can end up being disastrous for the business. Most companies make the mistake of leaving out the trouble spots of the business and only using a fraction of the full power of Salesforce. Because of this, they fail …

How Do You Differentiate Between Salesforce Partnerships?

Since many companies have realized customer relationship management to be the key to business growth, it has become a common strategy to adopt Salesforce as their CRM solution. But is a company new to Salesforce would be able to implement it right by itself? Well, no. The employees would need a Salesforce partner to do …

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The talent alliance partnership aims to bring in fresh talent to the Salesforce ecosystem and provide mentorship through inclusive hiring opportunities for several career paths.

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After a tremendously successful year, we are again back to the USA with an utmost powerful product in Salesforce World that is “360 SMS App”. Our experts are hanging tight to meet you. We are helping a huge number of clients beat the challenge and increase their client connect, we can help your business as well to thrive more than ever by switching to Text Marketing.

Salesforce World Tour 2019 just took place in Los Angeles on August 28, 2019. It was one of its kind events, being one of the greatest events by Salesforce. It takes place every year and this year too, it was celebrated with a bang. Salesforce enthusiast from all over the world witnessed this huge yet another spectacular event of the year.

So, finally, the Salesforce World Tour in London was conducted successfully on 23rd May 2019. It was proudly sponsored by several of its highly-reputed partners. The key highlights of the event included various product demos, informative sessions by different keynote speakers and many more things. Attended over by 10,000 Salesforce enthusiasts.

#360SMSApp Team is proud to have the opportunity to host a panel on #SMSMarketing at @ #SalesforceTour, Sydney. We thank everyone for joining and knowing us, sharing your views and giving us a chance to serve you. We will meet next in Salesforce World Tour, London on 23rd May 2019. Hope to meet many more at our next visit.

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Tune in to hear Acre Mortgage’s Loan Officer, Brad Brondt talks about how texting & consulting helped his company put pre-sales and lead management pains to rest and take Jungo’s capabilities to the next echelon with customizations.

Find out how texting-automation in 360 SMS helps Brad and his team convert more with 360 SMS.

Here is what our client said on workflows and transformations brought by the 360 SMS App.