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360 degree cloud technologies pvt. ltd.

Salesforce Healthcare Cloud Developer

Collaborate across the entire healthcare network to deliver improved patient engagement

Drive Digital Transformation in Healthcare

Drive Cost-Effective Care Solutions

Establish a cost-effective platform to maintain patient data and easily share medical history among care teams

Empower Care Teams

Allow teams to access relevant patient information by integrating legacy systems with Salesforce

Maintain Regulatory Compliance

Seamlessly connect teams to a single, HIPAA-compliant platform and work according to industry standards

Deliver Personalized Experiences

Increase operational efficiency by allowing care teams to deliver personalized patient experiences

Get a panoramic view of healthcare systems

Build seamless collaboration in real-time to deliver rich patient experience

Deliver Personalized Care with Health Cloud Developers

Get a 360-Degree Patient View
Access all the patient information like medical history and past treatments in a single view
Enable Real-Time Engagement
Connect with patients or medical suppliers on a real-time basis for better tracking and planning
Conduct EHR Integration
Integrate your health records with Health Cloud to provide teams with a unified access to the platform
Enable Account-Based Forecasting

Make forecasts specific to different patients with data from medical devices and treatment programs

Personalize Patient Programs

Create personalized patient programs with guided program enrolment and omnichannel communication

Set Up Simplified Care Plan
Set up simple and personalized care plans based on patient-specific requirements for better service delivery

Services Offered by Our Health Cloud Developers

Health Cloud Consulting

Acquire guidance on your Health Cloud needs according to your current practices

Health Cloud Implementation

Get a roadmap to implement Health Cloud seamlessly in your organization

Third-Party Integrations

Integrate your currently used EHR with Health Cloud and save time with centralized view

Data Migration from Legacy System

Migrate data from your existing solution to Health Cloud smoothly, avoiding redundancy 

Health Cloud Customization

Customize Health Cloud according to your unique requirements and capacity 

Maintenance and Support

Get constant support from experts on your query resolution and maintenance 

Hire Health Cloud Developers at 360 Degree Cloud

Salesforce Certified Experts
We have a pool of vetted and certified Health Cloud developers with prior development experience

Rich Industry Experience

Our developers have a proven record of excellence delivering a range of Health Cloud services

Complete Customer Satisfaction

Our Health Cloud specialists help you connect the entire care journey and deliver on patient expectations

Faster Service Rollouts

Enable quicker service to reduce downtime and treat more patients

Streamline and simplify patient care and engagement with compliant systems