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360 degree cloud technologies pvt. ltd.

Salesforce for
Mortgage & Lending

Automate your lending process,
exceed customer expectations

Grow returns with our proven expertise in

Salesforce for Mortgaging

Full visibility

of multiple applications

Access the complete status of mortgage applications while tracking customer engagements


for agility & productivity

Get quick solutions to automate processes and responses in real-time


over a connected platform

Satisfy customer expectations by sharing everything they need to know through a single platform

What we as Silver Consulting Partners bring to
Salesforce for Mortgaging

Residential Loan Application

To shorten approval times, making sure that no critical documentation is overlooked

Data Model

to deliver comprehensive prebuilt mortgage objects, making it easier to capture information

Tracking & Approval

or simplified document collection with templatized checklists and automated approval management

What you can expect to achieve from our services for
Salesforce for Mortgaging

360-Degree Views of Borrowers
Gain extensive visibility
into all financial holdings and borrowers activities from a single view
Transparent Lending Experiences
Create a transparent lending process
so the borrowers can stay informed and manage key documentation
Accelerated Loan Approvals
Deliver the speed
borrowers expect by automating and aligning processes