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360 degree cloud technologies pvt. ltd.

Salesforce for Medical Devices and Life Science Companies

Enable real time patient data management from for medical devices for alerts and diagnostics

Enable value-based care in med-tech

Connect emerging medical devices to patient data and apps

Grow your Medical Device Business Exponentially with Salesforce

Lead Management

Gather lead information from multiple sources, validate it, and score the leads, evaluating their demands

Medical Device Quoting

Create your rule-based quotations quickly and automate workflows for speedy approvals

Lead Generation

Conduct targeted marketing campaigns and track leads to identify trends and ensure acquisition of new customers

Enhanced Sales Process

Automate workflows, configure quotes, and route documents to shorten the sales cycle and increase conversion rate

Organized Field Service

Empower field reps to manage and view all appointments and activities through a unified console

Medical Device Support

Generate tickets for complaints and queries related to device replacement or shipment for speedy case escalation

Benefits of Using Salesforce for Medical Device Manufacturing

Lead Routing & Disposition
Collect information of website visitors via form submissions and manage sales queries by routing forms to the right salesperson
Leverage & Integrate Technologies 
Enable technologies like AI and remote monitoring to devise more accurate and efficient medical devices
Maintain Compliance 
Manage medical device manufacturing while complying with medical standards and procedures
Increase Clinical Trial Speed 
Increase geographic reach with remote monitoring to speed trial enrollment, thus achieving increase in sales
Enhanced Customer Support  
Manage and address customer queries by categorizing issues like shipping, device operation, on-site part replacement, etc
Measurable Digital Marketing 
Enable vendor marketing automation to offer rich customer experience while tracking campaign effectiveness

Mobilize medical device sales

Enable Intelligent

Enable greater field collaborations and remote service management for better lead generation and sales

Enable teams to close deals from anywhere with mobile access, thus improving sales across geographies
Simplify Quoting
& Approvals 

Manage different formats of quotations easily by automating workflows and approval process
Robust Email

Achieve long sales cycle with robust email automation capabilities, enabling personalized templates for customers

Implement Salesforce for Medical Device Manufacturers with 360 Degree Cloud

Salesforce Certified Experts
We are a team of certified Salesforce developers, experienced with working on medical and life science solutions
Enable Customer Feedback
We help you conduct surveys to collect feedbacks for devices from physicians and patients
Transform Case Tracking 
We help you manage and track customer queries based on different categories and priorities to speed up case escalation
Achieve Customer Visibility
Create and view a better pipeline of your leads and spot buying patterns across facilities and groups

Adapt with the medical
innovation — from mobile medical
devices to sensor-based technology