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360 degree cloud technologies pvt. ltd.

Salesforce CPQ Developer

Generate Error-Free Quotations and Complex Billing,
Implement a Consistent Pricing and
Discount Strategy for Faster Sales

Speed up the Quote Generation Process with CPQ Developers

Pricing Control

Maintain pricing and discounting control with automatically generated quotes based on different pricing models


Generate accurate sales quotes and discount approvals and save time by replacing legacy quote configurators


Streamline quote generation and billing process to save sales teams to close deals before they look elsewhere

Savings &

Enable your sales team to focus more on selling and prospecting and follow best sales practices consistently with CPQ

Create and Share Consistent Quotes and Accelerate Renewals

Address Various Pricing Models Like Subscriptions and Volume-Based Pricing as well as Add-on Services

Benefits of Hiring CPQ Developers

Create Intelligent Quotations

Use Einstein AI to adjust pricing and discounts according to external factors and projections automatically

Shorten the Sales Cycle

Leverage guided selling to allow sales reps key in customer data quickly and prepare accurate quotes

Automate the Quoting Process

Use highly customizable templates to create professional branded proposals

Simplify Contract Negotiation

Create contracts easily while maintaining negotiated price on new quotes, renewal, and amendments.

Increase Quote Accuracy

Automatically route accurate pricing, discounting, and approvals  to generate accurate quote document

Enhance Deal Values

Boost the average deal size and profitability with suggestions for add-ons, services, customizations

Services Offered by Our CPQ Developers


Streamline billing and revenue cycle to generate accurate quotes with CPQ implementation


Extend Salesforce CPQ with experts-built custom quote-to-cash solutions for reliability

Third-party Integrations with CPQ

Obtain a holistic view of customer data from different systems your agents use in a single place

Data migration
to CPQ

Migrate legacy data to CPQ  efficiently with custom CPQ accelerators and connectors


Manage your dynamic billing processes by optimizing Salesforce CPQ according to industry best practices

CPQ Support & Maintenance

Ensure continued success with Salesforce CPQ through end-user support, maintenance, release updates

Hire CPQ Developers from 360 Degree Cloud

Salesforce Certified Experts

We have a pool of certified CPQ developers, experienced in creating revenue solutions for multiple industries

Establish Success Criteria

Meet critical success criteria related to pricing configurations, quoting, and contract renewal process

Process Visibility & Transparency

Our developers collaborate with your team and provide reports and demos for utmost process transparency

Smooth Change Management

We enable business readiness to create a fulfilling purchase experience for customers with easy renewals and better relationships

Anticipate Any Possible Pricing Scenario and Streamline the Quoting Process