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360 degree cloud technologies pvt. ltd.

Salesforce Outsourcing

Bypass long-drawn hiring for project-specific needs.
Get the right skills and team-size, with or without long-term commitments.

Discover what teams can do with
Salesforce Outsourcing

Increase team capacity

with makeshift additions to your core team


Fulfill growing Salesforce needs

for project delivery, scope, and support


Create a product faster

with development and scaling expertise

Round-Out your skills

for niche technology proficiencies

Accelerate Customized development operations

with dedicated Salesforce outsourcing company at your command

What we as Salesforce Development Partners bring to

Salesforce Outsourcing

You’ll have direct access to expertise at all levels, unlike anywhere else

Global Outreach

Worldwide Project Delivery | 5 Offices | 24x5

Hire your outsource Salesforce partner from 1-US, 5-India centers in your time-zone

Capacity, Expertise

400+ Employees, 220+ Salesforce Certified
Pick Custom Teams Get ‘Generalist’-range, at ‘Boutique’-expertise

Project Control

Concise, timely updates
We like feedback We’ll monitor progress, & suggest alternatives

All Access

Find Expertise at all levels
From Architects to Admins, get them all by outsourcing Salesforce services

Expertise at all levels from our
Overseas Salesforce Teams

Best among Salesforce Outsourcing Companies with Certified Resources & Teams that work in your Time-Zone under proven project management strategies

Salesforce Developers for custom developments
  • Add functionality
  • Develop custom capabilities
  • Enhance UI/UX
  • Create portals
  • Try out new offerings and features
Admins for administrative tasks
  • Manage your Org
  • Configure settings and extensions
  • Report for regular insights
Cloud Specialists to implement Salesforce Products
  • Get an expert to handle your salesforce product
  • Get full-suite Expertise
  • Find ready & available specialists
Certified Industry Experts for Development
  • Insight and experience over previous solutions
  • Breadth, fresh take for niche verticals
Technical Architects for the hairiest, most complex problems
  • Complex logic for complex enterprise-wide issues
  • Know-how To develop and deploy fully, Avoid traps
Solution Architects for advice
  • Review platforms
  • Analyze and roadmap
  • Design for steady, robust systems
  • Collaborate to find your best cloud solutions
How we operate & coordinate with your

Outsourced Salesforce Partner

Convey Requirements & Timelines

Find dedicated individuals or teams
for your project at your own time.

Pick from the best for you

Interview candidates
and size-up your best options.

Sync up & Collaborate to start a project

Get started
and schedule meetups with chosen experts.

Get stellar project-delivery for all models

Pick from models
from on-site, off-site, bucket, and hybrid.


The main benefits of considering Salesforce outsourcing are:
– Reduces operating and labor costs
– Get great expertise and quality involved
– Reduces burden on internal employees
– Provides the needed protection from the administrator turnover
– Boosts innovation with a wide range of Salesforce expertise
– Enables utilizing Salesforce best practices

Outsourcing Salesforce helps to share the responsibilities of employees, thus saving them adequate time from performing other business-related work. It will eventually improve their performance and help them meet business goals.

Outsourcing Salesforce projects enables in-house workers to get more opportunities to focus on essential and revenue-generating tasks. It allows them to focus more on product development and improving customer experiences.

Here are some ways Salesforce outsourcing services can help your business to grow:
– Allows you to synchronize with the latest trends and needs with expert assistance
– Helps you involve working with ace and skilled professionals to bring innovation
– Reduces the burden of your in-house team so they can focus on revenue-generating operations
– Provides you 24/7 availability of experts to keep you running round the clock

The importance of Salesforce outsourcing involves:
-Minimize administrator turnover
-Decrease ramp time to total productivity
-Utilize Salesforce with industry best practices
-Provide a wide range of Salesforce expertise
-Reduce labor costs