Salesforce Customization

Extend your use of the Salesforce platform to unseen possibilities and returns.

What we bring to
Salesforce Cloud Customization

Our seasoned solution developers bring ‘mile-deep’ expertise to foundational Salesforce technologies like Apex, Lightning Web Components, and Salesforce1 Mobile.

you can expect our customizations to be robust, capable solutions to the gaps in your business

We’re thorough with

  • 1

    Security Examinations

  • 2

    Salesforce Development Best Practices

  • 3

    Business Logic & Process Automation

  • 4

    App Selection & Custom Integration

  • 5

    And Mobile-Friendliness

Services covered by our offerings
Salesforce Cloud Customization

Sales & Marketing Clouds

Your teams are talking. Are your systems?

Seamlessly align & analyze Sales & Marketing processes to understand what sells, and pivot strategies faster.

Case Management Clouds

Bring ticketing visibility and assisted service online.

Rapidly interact, automate, assign, prioritize, and deflect service issues anywhere over any channel or medium.

Paas Services

Focus on function & value, Not uptime.

Modern greenfield architecture for fast innovation and great support.

Legacy System Modernization

Upgrade and integrate anything without disruptions

Close the gap on digital infrastructure with reliable agility and operational efiificency

Special-Purpose Clouds

Personalized journeys for patients, donors, and students

Get tailor-made solutions for special Salesforce products


Salesforce Customization Process


Processes, Vulnerabilities, Limitations Documented
Roadmap & Resources proposed


use-case Assimilated, Architectural Optimizations & Security Risks assessed Licenses Managed


For Industry Standard
Setup Access Permissions, Lower turnarounds for unique processes

Development Runs

Iterative purpose-oriented sprints & evaluations
Tailored modifications for your BRD and usage expectation


Zero defect approach for total software quality

Launch & Support

Extensive UAT, No delays
Immediate attention for critical issues
Bias towards action