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360 degree cloud technologies pvt. ltd.

Lightning Migration

Have a heavy customized Classic Org?

Serve hassle-free Opt-in and Opt-out option to your Leads and Contacts, Enhance user experience with your brand

Don’t limit your Org. Make the switch to
Salesforce Lightning

already, and get

Visualizations that matter

Clearer & easy-to-process insights, relevant representations, and decision-making


Adoption for teams

Enhancements for highly-specific processes that need easier tools for teams


Faster Entries the platform

Navigate & manage sales and service better with fast data entries through Quick Actions

Synchronization to reduce turnaround

Transfer data & reflect changes across all accounts. Reduce navigation & busywork.

What you stand to gain by switching to

Salesforce Lightning

Intuitive User Interface

Flexible, dynamic UI geared towards productivity
Cross-devices support
over all screen sizes.

Visible Sales Path

Keep tabs on key stages of lead & opportunity progress
Give back time for value-addition
through more fulfilling, high-value tasks.

Customizable Pre-made Components

Customize homepages components in the Lightning App Builder
Drag-and-drop even rich-text capabilities into components
for increased efficiency over any page.

Kanban Views

View progress of opportunities by swimlanes
Identify next steps and create tasks from within the view
for faster, purpose-driven task-creation.
Your move to


with 360 Degree Cloud, in stages

Goal Setting

All expectations, bottlenecks detailed
Business desirables enumerated.

Deliberations & Prioritization

Functionalities and feasibility discussed
Roadmaps for development teams.
Risk assessment & mitigation.
Critical milestones, finer details hashed out.

Lightning Readiness

Lightning Readiness checks run
Unforeseen issues identified.
Sanity checks for structural, deep-seated inconveniences that may compromise migration.

Sandbox Testing

Critical feedback for new functions checked
Changes to parts of the system isolated, tested & rolled-back to avoid affecting active usage.

Goal Verification

Touch-base with Stakeholders, Assess Progress
Assimilate feedback, reorient efforts Ensure the outlined goals are achieved.

Roll out & Documentation

Power-users point test adoption. Final Systems Documented.
Any potential efficiency issues checked without affecting regular users. Final Workflows & Processes documented.

Training & Launch

The organization gets Lightning Trained, Systems are launched
All users get acclimatized to Lightning’s features & changes. System goes live.


Salesforce Cloud Lightning is a component-based framework for Salesforce app development that simplifies development processes for business users without programming experience.

Salesforce Lightning supports a new and improved interface, whereas Salesforce Classic presents the previously tried-and-trusted Salesforce formula. Lightning also supports improved workplace page layouts, activity timelines, and better productivity.

Salesforce Lightning even comes with enhanced security features. It comes with LockerService for data security that’s missing in Salesforce Classic. Also, Salesforce Lightning provides users with upgraded reporting features with Einstein Analytics reporting, which Classic does not support.

Migration to Salesforce Lightning can be carried out in various stages. You can follow these steps to conduct Salesforce Lightning migration.
Get buy-in for Salesforce Classic to Lightning Migration.
Conduct the readiness check to see if you are set to move to Lightning.
Generate the Salesforce Optimizer report to identify where you need to improve.
Conduct a test run for Lightning Experience using Lightning Migration Assistant.
Set the goals you need to achieve.
Roll out the Lightning Experience.

You can follow these steps, or you can even take the assistance of the Salesforce data migration service for a smooth transition.