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360 degree cloud technologies pvt. ltd.

360 Opt-in/ Opt-out App to Your Rescue

360 Opt-in/ Opt-out App 360 Opt-in/ Opt-out App
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Emails have been ruling out the world since their inception. There is no denying the fact it is among one of the most reliable communication mediums in the present day. People have become so inclined towards its usage that they would hardly spend a day without checking it out. Even in some cases, people check their email boxes prior to their WhatsApp. Can you even imagine to what extent people have been influenced by it now? You would hardly find anyone without a personal or professional email account. There has been an increased need for these kinds of accounts of the people on the cloud so that they do not miss important updates. Also, it helps in further verification processes as well. Knowing the multiple usage possibilities of email accounts, can you imagine their importance in an individual’s life? People surely check their mailboxes at least once in a day so that they do not miss any essential notifications. But, this does not mean that they should receive any random emails without their consent.

Yes, you read that absolutely right. People must be enough aware of the fact that they must not receive emails without their prior consent. It means they always get an opportunity to subscribe to the respective mail campaign before they start receiving emails related to it. We know that still there are some advertisement firms that send out promotional emails in bulk without keeping the respective consent of the people in mind. In several countries, the laws are so strict that you cannot send even promotional emails to the people without their permission, or else they have the right to sue you in court. The rules are not enough strict in some other countries which makes it easier for the people to disturb people during any time of the day.

Keeping this important information in mind, 360 Degree Cloud Technologies has designed this wonderful app on the Salesforce AppExchange platform. This app gives people an opportunity to subscribe and unsubscribe themselves from a specific mail campaign. Yes, this is right. It is a universal law to attach the button of ‘Unsubscribe’ at the end of every email sent out to the people. It is mandatory to follow this rule across the globe. For example, our app allows you to put a button of Subscribe as well as unsubscribe at the bottom of an email body so that even if somebody has unsubscribed from your campaign by mistake, they can still make it up by subscribing to it again.

Found it amusing? Wish to give it a try? We are here to help you in the best manner possible. Try our app for free from the platform of Salesforce AppExchange and experience the best you can do with the Marketing campaigns in the present era of technology-driven minds. 360 Subscribe/ Unsubscribe App can help you perform the best and derive astounding result rates at a spontaneous rate. Give it a try now!

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