360 Rollup Any App

Aggregate Records and Perform Calculations Productively

Turn to us for

360 Rollup Any App

Enhance Productivity for Calculations

Boost employee-productivity

by supporting easy and convenient calculations such as Sum, Count, Maximum, Minimum, Averages
Calculate Rollup Values

Perform calculations

to determine ‘roll-up’ or aggregate values for existing records
Perform Unlimited Roll-ups

Use upto 4 roll-ups for free

and perform subsequent unlimited roll-ups at a market-beating price
What we as Salesforce ISV Partners bring to

360 Rollup Any App

No-code Capability

Make Easy Calculations

without technical knowledge and expert assistance
Rollup Summaries

Create Rollup summaries

without coding on Lookup Relationships
Batch Run Capabilities

Run batch Roll-ups

for multiple records in one go.
Advanced Functionalities

Perform advanced calculation like

Count Distinct, Text Separated By, and Checkbox
Compatibility & Filtering Criteria

Roll Up Any works with all standard & custom objects

and provides options to filter records and run Roll-ups
Free Set-up

We’ll get you a free setup

and demo the app to get you off-ground

What you can do with

360 Rollup Any App

Easy Report Creation

Improve employees efficiency by cutting back on their effort

Calculation TimeReduced

Save time employee-hours spent for calculations on large datasets

Easy, No-Cost Migration

Get complete support to migrate from your existing app to 360 Rollup Any, at no extra cost