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All You Need to Know About Salesforce Lightning

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Salesforce is among the most preferred CRM solutions in the 21st century. With the advent of technology and everybody being bound by it in some of the other ways, it has now made people utilize the latest technologies in the best ways possible. Being the top-most CRM platform for the organizations that use up the cloud space, it is the prime responsibility of Salesforce to providing its users with the latest and the most advanced functionalities in order to help them to survive in this competitive market in the long run. Salesforce has also come up with the future of CRM- Salesforce Lightning now, which allows its users to make use of Salesforce with the most user-friendly interface ever that can save their time and energy simultaneously. Many business firms have not yet switched to Salesforce Lightning from the Classic version. But in the coming time, it would be made as a compulsion in order to opt for a better experience.

Exclusive Features of Salesforce Lightning-

  • Customize Home with Different Components
  • Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Lists in App Builder
  • Favorites
  • Personalized Navigation
  • Lightning Apps
  • Highlights Panel
  • Global Actions
  • Page layout per app

And these are not just it. These features were just a highlight of the exquisite features that the newest console of Salesforce Lightning is offering to its users. People are in a state of hesitation for going under the transition from Salesforce Classic to Salesforce Lightning just because they have acquired themselves as per the previous one. But to the contrary, they are missing out on something really important which can bring huge profits to their business. Today, the majority of the business enterprises have already opted for updated CRM solutions in order to stay ahead of their competitors in the respective market. It is difficult to survive among your competitors if you have not chosen the right and latest technology to work with. A survey also showed that the companies which have opted for the required CRM solution are more likely to see success in the near future than the ones who have not.

So, now we know that what exactly is Salesforce Lightning are what its exquisite features are, and how they can make your work easier. On a concluding note, it can also be said that if an organization wishes to succeed or even want to stay ahead of its competitors in the long run, then it must go with the required CRM solutions (here Salesforce Lightning) so that they can take their business to great heights. Salesforce is ultimately going to kill its Classic version anytime soon now, so it would be better if you already switched to the Lightning. Wish to switch to Salesforce Lightning? We have got you covered. 360 Degree Cloud provides all services related to Salesforce including Salesforce Integration, Salesforce Consulting, etc. Being in this business for the last 8 years, we are a team of more than 300 tech experts working round the clock for customer satisfaction and timely delivery of projects. Connect with us today and get started!

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