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10 Best CRM Features You Can Access with Salesforce Development Services

Access 10 Best CRM Features with Salesforce Development Services
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Salesforce has a permanent mark in the CRM world; there’s no denying the fact. You’d probably even hear companies talking about recommending to implement Salesforce for business boost. But hardly anyone talks about what exactly you’re going to do with it. That’s where Salesforce development services can guide you well about the features that you access. 

With Salesforce implementation or using a customized Salesforce solution, the idea is always to boost user productivity and streamline operations. And that’s all possible with the amazing capabilities and features that Salesforce offers companies. 

So, in this blog, we’ll be talking about some amazing features that you can access with Salesforce app development with an experienced firm. 

10 Best CRM Features You Can Access with Salesforce App Development Company

As you keep working with Salesforce, you’ll keep getting the idea about the power and functionalities of Salesforce. But for someone who’s just starting with the platform, it is essential to have an idea about the best Salesforce features that shouldn’t be skipped out. 

So, here we have mentioned a few of the most efficient and highly used Salesforce features that you should work with.

1. Salesforce Reports and Dashboards

Salesforce’s out-of-the-box analytics is quite amazing, and if you want to work with it, there’s no way you can miss out on Salesforce reports and dashboards. Well, that’s what anyone would expect from the #1 CRM platform. 

Salesforce reporting helps you work with reports that are intuitive, powerful, and customizable that will work for companies of different sizes. We can call Salesforce reports a list of filtered records. Report Builder usually has two parts: Outline (for deciding the fields you need to include) and Filters (where you select the records you want to display). You can hire this feature with a trusted Salesforce development agency. 

2. List Views

In simple words, we can call a list view a view of a list of records. You can find list views on the home tab of each object. 

One of the major advantages of list views is to be able to view and edit multiple records at once. This feature can be considered the closest thing to spreadsheets, making it the reason that Salesforce users prefer working with list views so much.

3. Sandboxes

Developing Salesforce apps with a Salesforce development agency can be very complex at times, and that’s why you need the safety of a controlled environment for it. That’s the importance of a sandbox, which allows developers to build applications and test their configuration. 

Sandboxes are not just for Salesforce admins. You can easily grant access to users to allow them to check what has been created. This enables them to check whether the solution created matches their expectations. This will enable the team to conduct user acceptance testing, helping them to identify any changes before the deployment.

4. Dynamic Forms

Dynamic form is another feature you can access with Salesforce development. These are intuitive page layouts that are user-centric, helping to display the right information at the right time. If you’re using the page layout section or Details section in Lightning pages, it can become congested over time. 

These can be considered necessary but not to all users at all times.

– Manage visibility of fields and components using visibility rules

– Improve page load times

– Use multiple page layouts

– Add fields anywhere in the layout

5. Salesforce Flow

Using Salesforce Flow, you can build complex solutions with the help of clicks without having to code. For a Salesforce Admin, Flow Builder is one of the most essential tools, giving them powers similar to that of developers. 

You can use Flows in various situations. For example, you can use Flows when you want to add complex logic in opportunity conversion or if you need to perform a mass update across multiple records.

6. Einstein Opportunity Scoring 

The features give your opportunities a number. The number will be between 1-99, indicating the chance that the opportunity will be Closed Won.

Einstein will also guide your sales teams and would help them to ensure a sure-win or even enable them to escalate at-risk pipeline.  

7. Lightning App Builder

It is a point-and-click tool that can be helpful for creating Salesforce Lightning pages or for the mobile app. This helps you to easily rearrange pages to highlight key information required by the user. 

The popularity of Lightning Builder among Salesforce development services is because of the Lightning Components, which are the configurable, reusable, and compact elements that can be added to a Lightning page and can be dragged to the page canvas. 

8. Validation Rules

A validation rule helps to verify that data entered by a user meets specific criteria, even before the user can save the record. 

This rule asks a question that has its answer in a yes/no form. The answer must be yes. But, if the answer is a no, it will give the user an error message. It will also have the information where the admin mentions what the user needs to do to correct the record.

9. Data Loader

Salesforce Data Loader is an important part of your instance, allowing you to update, export, insert, and delete records. Data Loader is mostly used to insert data from a system and migrate it to Salesforce. 

Along with this, you’ll get a Data Import Wizard included with every org. You can access it via Salesforce setup. You just need to know exactly when you need a data loader or data import wizard. 

10. Setup Audit Trail

This feature enables you to check any changes in metadata that users perform in the org. These changes could be anything like automation, changes to page layout, or working with field-level security. Accessing the features with the right Salesforce development services can help you make the most of it. 

Choose your Salesforce App Development Company Wisely

All the above points are the most widely used Salesforce features that can actually help users with enhanced productivity and better sales processes. But to access them all, you need to make sure you have a reliable Salesforce app development company to get you the custom solution through which you can access all these features. 

It’s time you get the Salesforce partners you deserve. Contact us and get in touch with Salesforce experts who’ll listen and cater to your expectations. 

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