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Demystifying Salesforce Verify the Email- An Ultimate Solution for Email Operations

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Email, not unlike calls and texts, also forms one of the major forms of outreach and business communication. Even though new channels continue to rise, email remains that single powerful tool, with many of its users still preferring the email channel for their professional communications. 

Around 57.8% of marketers globally have witnessed email open rates ranging from 20-50%, which shows firms still count on email communication to a great degree. This makes it a very crucial avenue to be leveraged toward business growth alongside methods like calls and texts.

Among all that you might have to pay attention to in order to improve email operations, the most important thing is the accuracy of email addresses. This means a lot is at stake based on this criterion: campaign success, email delivery rates, and customer responses based on accurate email addresses in your Salesforce. Incorrect email data can noticeably reduce your business potential.

Therefore, it becomes crucial to ensure accuracy in email contact data. Recognizing the significance of verified email data, our developers have innovated a game-changing solution for emails: Salesforce Verify the Email (VTM), a tool that not only verifies the validity of email addresses but also enhances your email operations.

In this blog, we will discuss VTM’s potential and how it can help you overcome various email operation challenges.

Unlocking the Potential of Salesforce Verify the Email 

Real-Time Email Address Verification 

The immediate verification of emails is a crucial feature designed to enhance the accuracy and reliability of email data. When a user inputs an email address in the system, VTM performs a real-time address check for the address’s validity in order to verify if the email address is valid. This verifies tests such as the formatting of the email address and the active domain that exists with this email address.

This real-time verification verifies Gmail and other email addresses in Salesforce to ensure only valid and deliverable email addresses are entered into the system. This ensures the business email database is clean and accurate, improving the precision of communication and targeting with marketing campaigns.

In addition, manual verification is a big headache, as it can be time-consuming and error-prone. Here, the process of verification within VTM is managed by automation, which can save the business time and resources. This feature not only improves data accuracy but also enhances efficiency in email management and ensures better deliverability rates for email campaigns.

Manual, Automatic, and Bulk Verification

Verify the email offers manual, automatic, and bulk email verification in the way you need it, thus giving the user the flexibility required to check email addresses.

The user can manually check if the user wishes to verify if the email address is valid by using manual verification. The Automatic Verification checks the email address in real-time after a user has entered an email address into the system.

Bulk verification helps companies that store large databases containing email data. Whether it’s verifying an extensive email database or conducting email marketing campaigns to a sizable audience, bulk verification enables users to verify Gmail and the addresses of other email platforms in bulk, saving valuable time and resources.

By offering these verification methods, VTM addresses the challenge of efficiently managing and validating email addresses at scale. Manual verification processes are prone to errors and are time-consuming, while bulk verification automates the process, ensuring data accuracy and reliability while saving time and resources for businesses.

Verification History Offered by Salesforce Verify the Email

The Email Verification History feature from Verify the Email (VTM) includes an overall log of each email verification process taken through the system, such as the timestamp for the date and time of the verification.

It gives a timeline of the results of the verification status of email addresses for a given timeframe. By accessing the history of verifications, the user can come to know the validity and reliability of the email database, detect any patterns or trends in the results of verification, and make a smart choice regarding email communication.

Email Address Verification at the Point of Entry

Real-time email address verification at the point of entry enables businesses to verify if the email address is valid as it is keyed into any system or web form. In this perspective, the email address goes through direct validation by VTM at the time of entry, ensuring the user gives a valid and correct email address.

This goes a long way in solving the prevailing challenge of dealing with incorrect or fake email addresses submitted by users. It verifies Gmail and other email addresses at the point of entry and helps keep invalid and fraudulent addresses out of the database; this ensures data accuracy and also helps in database integrity and further effectiveness in communication and marketing efforts.

Besides, it improves the user experience, asking users to correct the errors in email addresses in advance by verifying Gmail and other email addresses right upon entry. It decreases the chances of delivery failure or bounce-back from an invalid email address, which increases deliverability rates and improves engagement with the recipients.


Verify the Email (VTM) emerges as a pivotal tool for businesses seeking to optimize their email communication strategies. With features like Real-Time Email Address Verification, Manual, Automatic, and Bulk Verification, and Email Verification History, VTM offers robust solutions to challenges such as data accuracy, fraudulent submissions, and inefficient manual verification processes.

By leveraging VTM’s capabilities to verify Gmail and other email addresses, businesses can enhance the accuracy and reliability of their email databases, improve deliverability rates, and streamline email management processes. Furthermore, VTM’s capacity to take care of the probability of submitting a fake or purposely wrong email submission prior to making the database cleaner gives benefits to businesses by reducing user has collection while making the process smoother.

In summary, VTM is an important instrument in the toolkits of businesses who desire to achieve heightened levels of data quality and speed to market, as well as an understanding of users and their preferences, hence the overall success in their communication ventures. Ready to up your email game? Contact us to connect with our experts.

Siddharth Sehgal


Siddharth Sehgal is CEO & Salesforce Communication Guru. He helps businesses grow exponentially by putting their Salesforce CRM on steroids with his unique techniques. He is on a mission to help businesses build deeper relationships with their customers.

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