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Efficient Healthcare Personalization Marketing Strategies by Salesforce Certified Experts

Improve Healthcare Marketing with Salesforce Certified Experts
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One thing that’s common among all marketers is the constant pressure of cutting down costs while driving revenue for the business, but marketers from the healthcare sector have additional pressure on them – helping people struggling between life and death. Adopting a successful CRM like Salesforce is the first step to get started with consolidating data that could enable marketers to get started. And having the support of Salesforce certified experts makes the process easier. 

If we think about healthcare marketers, one question always revolves around –how exactly they manage incoming business demands while making sure patients are always kept on the highest priority.

That key lies in the personalization. No doubt, it’s a tough task to personalize everything when there are many users engaging through multiple channels, but having the right strategies can make it easier. 

So, we’ve come up with some effective and result-driven healthcare personalization marketing strategies suggested by Salesforce CRM consultants that will simplify the work for marketers while bringing in results. 

5 Healthcare Personalization Marketing Strategies to Try Out

It’s time we look at different ways through which healthcare marketers can personalize their strategies and achieve better results for their institutions.

1. Optimize your service line

Healthcare providers can easily identify the suitable department for their patients through service line optimization. For example, there can be patients who need emergency room care while some just need a doctor to attend to them. The key is to identify these requirements for the best care. 

What can be done here is to use the Salesforce Marketing Cloud to unite different data sources while enabling omnichannel engagement and journey optimization. This will enable the team to access a patient-centric view of all information, giving them the ease to guide patients well into a service line. Hiring a Salesforce certified consultant could simplify the work for you. 

2. Customize patient outreach

For healthcare providers, one of the major challenges is appointment adherence. There can be times of no-show at appointments or some might go without the needed details, or reports, but most patients don’t want to miss out on their appointments. The Connected Healthcare Consumer Report by Salesforce shows that 88% of patients expect personalized appointment reminders. 

That’s where personalized patient journeys can be helpful. Maintaining such a journey would enable the team to plan out a timely welcome email, pre-appointment testing reminder, any surgery prep email, or final reminder for any procedure, etc. 

Additionally, customized outreach can involve recovery tips or any other details that might be essential for the patient. Also, it is necessary that you should make it easier for patients to book appointments and maintain engagement through multiple channels. 

3. Maintain a complete customer view

This can be a crucial aspect for Medicare providers. This can be a tricky task to manage Medicare coverage, especially for people who are near retirement. Usually, when a healthcare institution is dealing with too many payers, it can become a pattern to consider generic outreach. But that’s not the way that would help retain customers. 

What’s needed here is to enable marketers to be able to access a complete view of customer records through which 1:1 personalization of the strategy can be achieved. Maintaining a combined view of customer data with the help of Salesforce CRM consultants can enable them to understand customers better and provide plan recommendations according to their unique medical history. 

The team should always have updated customer records so that they can maintain a connection and engage with them, especially when they are approaching the age of Medicare. What’s needed here for marketers is engaging with members across their preferred channels. 

4. Personalize engagement

Personalized engagement is something that will enable marketers to achieve increased satisfaction of members and better ratings for Medicare. The star ratings for Medicare advantage and prescription-based drug plans will give the business the chance to present their authority and excellence. That’s the reason it is essential for them to maintain a high-star rating for a better experience. And for this, healthcare marketers need to anticipate the audience’s health needs. 

It’s true that members can get really frustrated when they receive irrelevant messages. The expectation is always that marketers engage with them regarding their changing expectations and needs. This becomes even more essential in the case of healthcare and insurance when members have their stakes invested in the product and its outcomes. That’s where having a Salesforce certified consultant can help you personalize the engagement, talking about exactly what they need to know. 

5. Know the high-risk patients

For patients or members, usually, the emergency care and the long-term treatment plans are the most expensive settings. What reduces these costs is the kind of preventive care being offered. However, the real challenge is to prioritize the high-risk members who are in more and earlier need for preventive care. 

Leveraging Salesforce for healthcare can help teams access real-time data to analyze this priority and personalize the outreach. The team can work on managing the records with customer data platforms through which demographic and claim data can be combined. This would also enable them to conduct a risk-based data segmentation so payers can maintain an accurate understanding of patients who are at a higher risk.

That’s where marketers can use approaches like personalized messaging and contextual engagement so the members can benefit from the preventive care at a suitable time. 

Get Salesforce Certified Experts to Improve Results for Your Healthcare Institution

Evaluating these strategies can give us the understanding that following a personalized approach to marketing can be a game-changer for the healthcare sector. The decade of experience of our Salesforce certified experts have provided them the proficiency to understand the key challenges of the healthcare sector and have successfully delivered customized solutions to overcome them. 

Our focus is always to enable businesses to achieve the productivity boost and growth they’ve always been seeking. Contact us and discuss your current challenges with our experts and get the needed consultancy. 

Quiz Time

Which of these is not a strategy for healthcare marketing?

a). Learn about patients at high risk

b). Personalizing patient outreach

c). Generic email marketing

d). Service line optimization

Show Answer: c) Generic email marketing


Salesforce is an efficient CRM platform for different industry verticals, especially for the healthcare sector. When it comes to healthcare marketers, the need is to always reach out to patients or members with a personalized approach. That’s where Salesforce can help them by enabling them to access a centralized view of patient data, thus making it easier to understand each patient, their health status, and their requirement for preventive care. 


Having a clear view of all details makes it easier for marketers to strategize the marketing approach, ensuring that the engagement is personalized and each member is getting the required attention they need.

What makes Salesforce so popular is its ease of customization and the ability to manage data access on the go. This even contributes to the healthcare sector. Implementing Salesforce in a healthcare organization or integrating their existing electronic health management with Salesforce would enable the team to maintain a combined view of patient data, thus helping with simplifying and strategizing patient care in a personalized manner. 


Not only this, but whether it is about managing patient records or creating their journey, Salesforce makes it all possible. In addition to that, this enables the team, whether it’s the HCPs or the staff members, all the team members can manage the work, whether it is about maintaining patient history or managing appointments.

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