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Emerging Trends Filtered by Top Salesforce Consultancy Services

Top Trends by Salesforce Consulting Services
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Whether it is artificial intelligence or machine learning, Salesforce is the CRM that supports features with every latest technology. Salesforce even works to keep evolving to meet users’ needs and make the platform more convenient for them. It’s the high demand for Salesforce that organizations these days seek top Salesforce consultancy services to implement Salesforce solutions or customize their existing solution. 

But what exactly makes Salesforce so popular in the market? The reason behind it is that Salesforce never stops amazing people with its innovation and trends. Salesforce brings three major releases every year with many other upgrades. These trends stick with users, helping them boost productivity and improve productivity. 

In this blog, we’ll be talking about some of these trends that are getting more and more popular among Salesforce users. 

Emerging Trends Filtered by the Top Salesforce Consultancy Services

Salesforce brings new features and functionalities with every release to enhance customer experience. But there are a few trends that stuck with users, and even the best Salesforce consultancy services recommend using them. Here are a few of those trends: 

1. Hyperforce

Salesforce is never behind whenever it comes to delivering the best customer experience. With this approach, Salesforce came up with a renewed infrastructure known as Hyperforce, which is based on public cloud services usage.  

What makes it so trending is that it provides Salesforce users with a more scalable and powerful platform. In the case of Hyperforce, Salesforce won’t be managing any physical resources. Its layers would only comprise the clouds, the platform, the functionalities, and the applications. 

One of the major reasons for the popularity of Hyperforce is that it makes the data more secure. The principles of Hyperforce stand on zero-trust, least-privileged control, and encryption of customer data. 

2. Voice Recognition

With the technology of voice recognition gaining popularity, Salesforce did not stay behind and was quick to catch up n it and integrate it into the solution. Users can now easily access details and finish tasks just through voice commands. 

This trend is proving to be a great time-saver for the teams. For example, any sales representative can easily use voice recognition technology to prepare notes after a client meeting, leaving out the effort of manually typing, which even has a chance of missing out on details. Along with this, teams can also use voice recognition features for automating workflows like sending out emails or scheduling a follow-up with a client. 

3. Mobile Optimization

People these days rely more and more on smartphones to access the internet, thus making mobile optimization crucial. Recognizing this shift, Salesforce has made significant investments in mobile optimization.

Here are several ways in which Salesforce CRM consulting services can help businesses leverage Salesforce to optimize their mobile experience:

Salesforce Mobile App: Businesses gain the flexibility to access their CRM data from anywhere with the Salesforce Mobile App. This app boasts a user-friendly interface specifically designed for mobile devices, empowering sales representatives to effortlessly retrieve customer data and update opportunities while on the move.

Push Notifications: Through Salesforce, businesses can effectively engage with their customers by sending targeted push notifications via the mobile app. 

Run Mobile-Ready Campaigns: Salesforce Marketing Cloud equips businesses with comprehensive tools to execute mobile-optimized campaigns, including email and social media campaigns.

4. Salesforce Genie

It is true that every business has to handle a bulk of information, most of which could be siloed and not easily accessible when needed, leading to a poor experience. To overcome such issues, Salesforce came up with Salesforce Genie, a real-time solution to bring real-time customer information together. 

It is one of the most popular solutions by Salesforce as it helps organizations quickly access customer data and meet customers’ requirements whenever there’s any change to the information. Salesforce even mentioned Genie to be the most significant innovation ever on the platform.

What makes Salesforce Genie among Salesforce consultancy services and users a success is its ability to:

  • Integrate all siloed customer data together from different real-time streams or devices. 
  • Improve customer experiences with better data access.
  • Provide teams with a single unified profile of customers with all siloed data integrated together.

5. Health Cloud 2.0

Salesforce recently developed a new solution, Health Cloud 2.0, created for governments and businesses to deliver efficient health and safety to consumers, employees, and communities. With the unexpected situation that came along with COVID-19, it became important to track testing, contact tracing, immunization, and all other aspects in different regions, and Salesforce was aware of this.

So, in the Dreamforce last year, Salesforce brought up the launch of Dreampass, which comprised Health Cloud 2.0. The solution focused on ensuring high safety aspects of the staff, attendees, and the Salesforce community by ensuring comprehensive COVID-19 safety protocols, whether it is about managing vaccination proof or connecting with testing vendors.  

Salesforce mentioned that any business inspired by connected health and work experience could use the range of products by Health Cloud 2.0. With the help of a trusted Salesforce consulting company, you can leverage the product’s best features too. 

6. Flow Orchestrator

With every new release, Salesforce is emphasizing more and more on Flow Orchestrator, but what exactly is it? Flow Orchestrator is a new Flow functionality by Salesforce. The feature allows Salesforce admins to string a number of business processes and Flows across multiple people. The best thing about it is that Flow Orchestrator is not built by rebuilding your existing Flows. Instead, it is built with your existing Flows, allowing users to access them in any new Orchestration. 

The reason this feature is becoming so popular among Salesforce users is that it is helpful to automate complex processes and simplify the approval process, thus helping teams save time on projects. Whether it is the internal workflows for employees or the external workflows for the customers of the business, Flow Orchestrator can help to automate anything. 

Stay Ahead in the Marketing with the Top Salesforce Consulting Company in the USA

Leveraging every Salesforce trend that we have mentioned above will help you transform your business operations and access innovative and faster ways to get your work done. But to be able to actually implement and use these features, you need experts from top Salesforce consultancies in the USA to assist you. If you want to get the most out of these features and trends and want to keep updated with the upcoming ones, contact us and let our Salesforce professionals be your guiding light. 

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