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Everything That A Salesforce Financial Services Cloud Consultant Can Do For You

Everything That a Salesforce Financial Services Cloud Consultant Can Do You
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In the financial services sector, modern customers are nowadays seeking personalization, convenience, and enhanced experienced. They require a service that can hear them and deliver just the right services by understanding what exactly they need. A study by Harvard Business Review Analytic Services shows that about 64% of people from financial services firms are making it one of their top five business priorities to improve customer experience. In this respect, companies are hiring a Salesforce Financial Services Cloud consultant to help them leverage the best of Salesforce to enhance productivity and customer experience. 

Financial Services Cloud is a CRM solution specifically made by Salesforce for financial services companies. Whether it is a banking company or a wealth management firm, the solution can help all aspects of financial services to overcome challenges and achieve streamlined and simplified workflows.

But leveraging the best of the solution is only possible when you have an experienced and certified Salesforce Financial Services Cloud consultant by your side. So, in this blog, we’ll be talking about everything that a Salesforce consultant can help with financial services.

Everything a Salesforce Financial Services Cloud Consultant Can Manage

Managing financial information is always a tricky business. But with the help of a Salesforce financial services cloud consultant, managing it all becomes easier. And the best part is the consultant works well for all sectors, whether it is for banking, insurance, lending, or wealth management. 

Let’s have a closer look at what these certified Salesforce consultants can do for your business in financial services. 

1. For Banking

Specifically, talking about the banking sector, Financial Services Cloud can bring in a great transformation by setting up a unified experience for customers, thus making it easier for them to navigate through services and achieve their satisfaction. A consultant could help greatly to enable bankers to get complete visibility into deposits, referrals, customers, and activities related to a specific branch.  

In addition to this, the teams can have a view of their pipeline and act quickly on incoming opportunities. Here are some more key benefits of hiring a Salesforce consultant:

– Conduct easy segmentation of clients by evaluating their unique financial goals and needs, thus enabling them to deliver personalized services. 

– More focus could be given to delivering digital-first engagement through the customer journey, from onboarding to service responses. 

– Deepen customer relationships and get their trust and loyalty by managing everything over a unified platform. 

2. For Insurance

Not only for banking, but a Salesforce Financial Services Cloud consultant also helps teams at insurance companies to enhance the insurance experience for customers and enable digital features to simplify workflow and productivity. With Salesforce, teams can access tools that will enable reps to conduct communications in real time and deliver personalized services. 

Here are other benefits of hiring them for insurance companies:

– They maintain a complete track of the events of each policyholder, maintaining everything from past, present, and future life events. This will help the team to analyze the coverage, suitable insurance policies, and claims.

– With Salesforce, the team can streamline the process of underwriting, making it easier and quick. This enables them for automated quoting and digital submissions.

– The right professionals also help the team to leverage Salesforce to personalize the experience of each policyholder and manage all their claims lifecycles, whether it is about payment, renewal, or auto adjudication.

3. For Wealth Management

Even for wealth management companies, Salesforce Financial Services Cloud consultants can be of great value, enabling them to help their customers by providing personalized advice and achieving their unique financial goals. Whether it is referrals or tracking actionable insights about bookkeeping, Salesforce can be helpful in all aspects. 

Here are some unique ways a Salesforce consultant can help wealth management companies:

– Unify data through which you can get complete details about each client without having to access siloed information in different systems.

– Supercharge workflows by automating routine processes, helping teams to work faster and smarter.

– Enable teams to connect with clients on different devices and achieve key life goals related to wealth management. 

4. For Mortgage and Lending

For mortgage bankers, using Salesforce Financial Services Cloud can bring real transformation to their business. The platform allows bankers and representatives to manage all their data and activities through a unified platform. Through the platform, the team can have better access to all insights, enabling them to analyze data and make decisions according to it. 

From managing time efficiently to serving customers in a more enhanced way, a Financial Services Cloud consultant can help teams in all aspects. Here are some more benefits of hiring a Salesforce consultant for lending companies:

– Access predictive intelligence to enable forecasting of future patterns, customer needs, and behavior to improve decision-making. 

– Achieve insights into the profiles of partners and borrowers through which optimizing the process of lending and mortgage could be simplified. 

– Enabling effective communication between brokers, borrowers, loan officers, and real estate agents while maintaining transparency of information and decisions. 

Implementing Financial Services Cloud with Salesforce Professionals

If you have been working in the business of delivering financial services to customers, you need to ensure providing top-notch assistance while ensuring that the data you’re handling is safe. That’s the kind of support you can get with an experienced Salesforce partner who has experienced professionals who have dealt with similar use cases.

Also, it is not just about deploying Financial Services Cloud; you also need continuous support from professionals to maintain that system and keep it updated and scalable for the business. You need trusted Salesforce consultants with hands-on Financial Services Cloud experience for this kind of support. Get such experts at 360 Degree Cloud. Contact us to learn about how we’ve helped our clients in the financial services industry. 


A Salesforce Financial Services Cloud consultant should be specialized in implementing and optimizing the Salesforce Financial Services Cloud. They are responsible for collaborating with stakeholders of financial services companies to properly understand their processes to design and configure the Salesforce solution to work specifically for their financial institution.

They build Salesforce custom functionalities using Visualforce or Apex to build customized solutions. Along with this, these consultants also assist with data cleansing, data migration, and data modeling to record and maintain customer data without any errors or duplicity issues. In addition to this, the Salesforce consultants also monitor system performance and identify areas for enhancement and optimization.

Whether a banking or insurance company, financial services companies are considering implementing Salesforce Financial Services Cloud to access pre-built components and tailored workflows to simplify operations. The platform helps to consolidate customer information from different sources and enables teams to access it all within a single view, thus making it easier to analyze it.

With Financial Services Cloud, companies can also enable robust relationship management capabilities that contribute to building strong client relationships. In addition to this, the solution also helps reps with task management, collaboration, and ensuring a coordinated and consistent way to conduct and manage client engagement.

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