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Hire a Salesforce Consultant Expert to Overcome Complexity and Handle Multiple Projects Simultaneously

Hire Salesforce Consultant Expert to Manage Complex Projects
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When we talk about Salesforce, the first impression we have on our minds is the tool to improve customer relationships. But that’s not the only superpower of Salesforce. Salesforce can do quite a lot when it comes to managing projects efficiently. Realizing this, many companies have started to hire a Salesforce consultant expert who could help them leverage the best of Salesforce capabilities to manage their complex projects.

Many businesses that are burdened with projects often end up going over budget or running over their decided delivery timeline when not using an efficient solution for project management. Ultimately, failure to meet project deadlines severely impacts their reputation and customer loyalty. 

According to a study shown in the Wellington 2020 The State of Project Management Report, around 54.2% of people involved in the study have mentioned lacking effective technology for project management. Also, 36.1% of respondents spend one day every month working just on project reports. All these issues just lead to complexity in managing projects, especially when the team has multiple projects to handle. 

This is where you can consider leveraging the out-of-box capabilities of Salesforce to manage projects. So, in this blog, we’ll be providing you with a closer look at using Salesforce to overcome complexities with project management and how the best Salesforce consultants can assist you.

Project Management with Salesforce

When it comes to managing projects within a company, the need is to have an efficient solution that can set up excellent communication and organization. That’s what makes Salesforce the perfect platform to manage complex project management. 

Companies with Salesforce use the platform to access a single source of truth about customers, their projects, and requirements, Thus, managing projects within the same environment would provide teams with quick access to information to manage projects, thus improving accuracy and ensuring better collaboration. You can even hire top Salesforce consultants to understand the Salesforce capabilities and how you can apply them to your projects.

Let’s understand better by illustrating some of the major benefits you can encounter while using Salesforce for project management. 

Benefits of Using Salesforce for Project Management

Here we have mentioned some benefits that you’ll encounter as you’ll start using Salesforce to manage your complex projects. 

1. Better resource utilization: Salesforce makes it easier to allocate tasks according to the skills and availability of the team. 

2. Enhanced communication: The Salesforce CRM is an efficient platform to enable effective communication between the team members of the project. 

3. Efficient project tracking: You can easily access insights and track the progress of the projects on Salesforce to ensure the project is going on according to the timeline. 

4. Easier reporting: The CRM also enables you to access custom reports of the project that indicates the project journey and the contribution of the team members in it, thus making it easier to evaluate the performance. 

Salesforce Consultants for Hire: Experts to Help You with Project Management

The numbers do not lie. It’s clear so far that without having the right solution, managing projects can be very challenging, and as projects would keep increasing, you’ll keep facing inaccuracy and inconsistency. All these issues can lead to project delays, affecting customer satisfaction.

What you can do here is hire a Salesforce consultant expert who’ll help you use Salesforce features in a way that could improve your project management, keeping everything under track and on time. So, let’s see how these Salesforce experts can help you overcome project management challenges.

Ensure teamwork with Account Teams

For a project manager, it is one of the responsibilities to ensure effective teamwork through which tasks can be smoothly completed. You can hire a Salesforce engineer here to help you access Account Teams, a feature of Salesforce that can enable smoother teamwork on any project. 

Account Teams work as a group of individual users who have access to Account records and related Cases, Opportunities, and Contacts. This helps to keep everyone on the team informed about their unique responsibilities while ensuring the team members have the right access to information to complete their tasks. 

Track project performance with Reports and Dashboards

To track project status and performance, it is essential for project managers to have a holistic view of everything. This is where using Salesforce can help them leverage drag-and-drop reports and dashboard builder to easily organize data and track project performance. With the help of Salesforce professionals, managers can even get their reports and dashboards customized to view relevant project details.

Improved collaboration with Chatter

Any project manager would agree to the fact that for any project to be successful, efficient communication between the team. Salesforce allows the team to access Chatter, a built-in communication platform through which teams can communicate directly on Salesforce records or create separate Chatter groups for discussion. You can leverage the tool with the help of a Salesforce expert or can even get it customized for your business.

Assigns tasks with Salesforce Tasks

Salesforce Task is an object that allows managers to assign project activities and tasks to team members. Salesforce Tasks also allows them to set reminders to make sure that project tasks are completed on time. When you hire a Salesforce consultant expert, you’ll get guidance to understand how you can use the object to view tasks on different records while accessing data in multiple views like split view, table, or Kanban view.

Along with the support, these experts can also help you to set up custom workflows using Process Builder when needed for unique use cases of a project.

Simplify Project Management with Salesforce Consultants

Handling every project activity while maintaining its quality and ensuring timely delivery can be a lot to manage, especially when you don’t have the right solution or expert assistance. To overcome such challenges, hire Salesforce consultants who can help you leverage your Salesforce solution to boost your project management effort. 

There’s a lot more our Salesforce consultants can help you with. Contact us and find out what transformations your business needs and how we can assist you. 

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