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Hire a Salesforce QA Tester to Get Salesforce Apps without Compromising Quality

Hire a Salesforce QA Tester for High-Performing Solutions
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Testing is an essential part of the Salesforce development process to ensure that the Salesforce solution to be delivered has top-notch quality and is free from any risks and vulnerabilities. It might sound easy, but it is important to follow a nuanced approach to get it right. That’s why companies hire a Salesforce QA tester to test the overall application before it goes out. 

The importance of Salesforce testing cannot be ignored. It’s the testing that helps to ensure that the Salesforce solution has all the needed functionalities and matches the customer’s expectations. 

Some of the benefits of Salesforce testing include the following:

– Ensure high accuracy of the solution by identifying errors in the early stage

– Verify if functionalities are intact

– Check the stability of the custom features

– Validate user acceptance 

– Help to make a reliable Salesforce solution

Just like Salesforce developers, Salesforce testers have their own importance. In this blog, we’ll be focusing more on QA testers and understanding their major responsibilities. 

What is a Salesforce QA Tester?

When the idea is to deliver Salesforce solutions on time, the Salesforce Quality Assurance Tester act as the envoy of what the customer expects. QA is part of the Salesforce development, where testing is linked to the complete project lifecycle. Testing of the Salesforce solution is necessary to make sure that the requirements of end users are met.

A Salesforce QA tester is responsible for performing testing operations on different Salesforce versions, which could be both standard and custom versions. To do so, they need to write and scale complicated testing frameworks, ensuring that the solution works fine, is free from errors, and matches customer requirements. 

Responsibilities of a Salesforce QA Tester

When we talk about developing Salesforce applications, usually only Salesforce developers come into consideration. Users make the mistake of keeping quality assurance on the back table. 

Instead, the role of the Salesforce tester is very high to ensure that the solution developed is free from any errors and is good to go to end users, ensuring that it runs all capabilities that were expected by the client. 

Let’s understand why you need to hire a Salesforce QA tester by digging deeper into the responsibilities the QA tester carries.  

1. Design Test Cases

When developing any solution, there’s always a need to verify the system’s functionality. That’s where it is essential to have some set of actions which are known as test cases. Salesforce QA makes sure to include stories and profiles of users along with other needed information and set up the criteria of acceptance to test the system. 

Along with this, when planning the test cases, the QA will ensure that the user requirements are met. So, to ensure this, the professional need to run multiple tests for quality assurance, like security, production, load, regression, integration, UAT, and functional tests. 

2. Collaborate with Developers

Due to the work dependencies, the tester needs to work in collaboration with the developers. To ensure that the final solution is error-free, there is usually a to-and-fro communication and collaboration between developers and testers. This needs companies to hire Salesforce quality assurance professionals who are efficient in teamwork and collaboration and work in a way that improves productivity and company success. 

3. Generate Feedback Reports

The Salesforce QA has to ensure reporting to the developers about the bugs discovered and fixed. That makes it necessary for the testers to focus on generating feedback reports for the developers and other stakeholders involved. 

The testers have to work on building informative reports that can help to track errors with the program and also mention details about running the tests with logical data. Also, the Salesforce QA needs to ensure that the feedback loop is short and the developer fixes the bugs quickly. This makes the tester’s role crucial in enhancing the speed of bug testing and resolution. 

4. Review Designs

Along with the above-mentioned responsibilities, the tester is responsible for inspecting the specifications and functional requirements related to the design. These professionals need to keep an eye on evaluating the design and catching the error on time. In this way, a Salesforce QA tester assists the development team, business analysts, and the organization as a whole. 

5. Automate Testing Process

As technology advances, the tools and resources used by Salesforce QA testers have changed over time. Now, testers are using automated processes to test applications and coordinate the efforts and resources to discover test cases without having the manually run tests. 

Testers need to identify the conditions for which automation can help achieve enhanced results. Usually, companies these days hire a Salesforce QA tester who can use automation to run long and repetitive tests to speed up project delivery.

Hire a Salesforce Expert for Your Business

If you think about why it is necessary to spend money on testing, then take a minute and imagine how much a small mistake can cost your company. When you have to deliver top-quality solutions to clients, you cannot afford to make any mistakes about it. Also, sometimes it’s not just about the finance as it is about the image of your business. 

It is necessary to hire a Salesforce expert when you have to ensure to deliver the best solution within your delivery timeline. From testing the software life cycle to automating testing operations, experienced testers can handle it all for you. Contact us and get the best Salesforce tester to assist your team in delivering quality solutions to your customers. 

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