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Hire Pardot Developers to get your hands on these Latest Pardot Features

Hire Certified Pardot Consultant to Access These Latest Pardot Features
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Every year when it’s time for Salesforce releasers, all Salesforce developers hold their breath and prepare for the upcoming new updates. The latest Spring ‘23 release also brought numerous updates and new features that have got developers excited. The same is with Pardot. After Salesforce changed the name of Pardot to Marketing Cloud Account Engagement, the platform gained a lot of popularity. Companies now hire Pardot developers to leverage the platform the right way. 

It’s been known to all that Pardot is an incredible tool when it comes to B2B marketing automation. Companies leveraging the tool are able to streamline their marketing strategies and achieve improved marketing results by keeping the approach personalized and automated. Ultimately, the tools help save time for marketers and enable them to prepare better strategies.

But that’s not all. With the Spring ‘23 release, Salesforce brought many updates that could transform working with Pardot/ Account Engagement. 

Hire a Dedicated Salesforce Developer to Access These Latest Pardot Features

Now, let’s have a look at these latest updates with Pardot (Account Engagement) released by Salesforce in Spring ’23. You can always hire a Pardot developer who can implement these features for you.

1. Account Engagement Optimizer 

With Optimizer, users can have a complete view of the business units related to Account Engagement. The items that need attention would get flagged. Not only this, but users will also get recommendations on taking relevant action quickly to resolve issues with those items. As an example, it could be tracking visitors or monitoring email send times.

The Optimizer will allow you to manage lists of suggested actions in the form of a table that could be prioritized based on the impact on the org or its urgency. You can also easily cancel or pause jobs through which you can avoid processing from being overloaded, thus enabling better control. You can hire a certified Pardot consultant to leverage this feature.

2. Monitor External Action Usage and Errors

The External Actions feature in Account Engagement enables users to take relevant actions on prospects that exist outside the solution, i.e., Account Engagement. For a better understanding, consider contacting prospects in Engagement Studio; you can register prospects for events and send surveys. With the help of External actions features, users can interact with these systems through Engagement Studio to post the relevant data.

If we try to understand External Actions in detail, there can be numerous potential user cases associated with the feature. Salesforce is even working on enabling extensible apps that users can install from AppExchange. As of now, admins would be able to monitor low-code integrations using External Actions Usage and Externa Action Errors. 

With the External Actions Usage table, users can review the usage of all the third-party apps. On the other hand, with the External Action Errors table, users can identify issues related to automation and steps of External Action. As a company, you can hire Pardot developers to understand and leverage this feature well.

3. Account Engagement API

Over the past few years, Salesforce has tried improving the Account Engagement API v5. The attempts are not just to enhance the performance but also to enable the solution to align with best practices of modern integration efficiently. 

With the latest release, the Account Engagement API will now support enhanced exports, providing support for 28 objects. It will also support bulk actions. Users have to initiate multi-select table actions that will enable asynchronous bulk processes of Account Engagement records. All the enhancements with the API would enable users to:

  1. – Acquire relevant information on the sales journeys of prospects to manage the lifecycle.
  2. – Get detailed data on a Business Unit.
  3. – Rely upon a single API version enabling a unified experience.

4. Sending Domain Validation Changes

If you are a Salesforce user, you’d know that sending domain has a reputation attached to it. Email service providers use this sending domain to plan if they want the email in the inbox of the respective recipient. 

From the Spring ‘23 release, sending domain validation would now need proof of ownership. This would be made possible with a new record known as the validation key. You need to validate your domains with DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM). If you have not validated it yet, you need to generate a unique validation key for each sending domain for Account Engagement. You’ll then have to copy and paste that key into the DNS record.

5. Default Settings Changing

Since the time when the tracking and security features were released, like HTTPS over HTTP, the settings remained optional for new customers. But now, with the Spring ‘23 release, new customers would be having their settings configured. The setting will now include the following:

  1. – There will be Force HTTPS enabled.
  2. – First-Party Tracking would be enabled.
  3. – There will be Request opt-in for visitors.
  4. – The settings of Honour Do Not Track will be enabled.
  5. – The duration for Max Tracking Cookie will be 365 days.

Users can always change these settings. New users and customers adding business units in Salesforce need to consider reviewing these settings and checking if these are in line with the recommendation by Salesforce. Also, you can simply hire a dedicated Salesforce developer to help you with it.

Improve Marketing Automation with Pardot Developers

After going through all the Pardot features and updates and updates from the latest Salesforce release, you’d surely don’t want to miss out on this incredible tool that could improve your marketing game. Automating your marketing operations, streamlining strategies, and synchronizing efforts with the sales team, all of this would be possible when you’ll hire Pardot developers to access the latest features who will get the results from your marketing campaigns to soar. 

All you need is to hire Salesforce developers to help you get your hands on all the latest features from the release. Contact us and learn how our talented experts would help you benefit from the best marketing automation tool.

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