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Hiring Salesforce resources: Use these resource hiring models

Salesforce Resource
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Everywhere we look, we see companies looking for qualified Salesforce specialists that could bring the needed skills to the business. It is this pace of digital transformation that has been pushing firms to always have solutions that could improve productivity and help the team meet critical project deadlines. But that’s where the real trouble lies. Finding reliable and skilled Salesforce resources is not as easy as it sounds.

With the idea of growing their business faster and getting the needed help, organizations keep looking for hiring a certified Salesforce professional, which they get with usually two resource hiring models- staff augmentation and managed services.

The staff augmentation model is a trusted way to add external resources to your existing team. This is a great approach especially when your internal resources are falling short. On the other hand, going with a managed service means working with a third-party company and handling the responsibility to manage customers’ requirements. 

Let’s go deeper into each Salesforce resource hiring model so you can evaluate which one’s the best for you. 

Managed Services

Just as a telescope can help you see the big picture and find objects in the distance, Salesforce-managed services can enable companies to bring in large-scale personnel and use their skills to achieve long-term goals.

Managed services is a resource hiring model that is beyond the traditional outsourcing method or hiring short-term contractual staff to get the longer-term benefits expected by companies. 

A Salesforce Managed Services model of hiring resources allows an organization to outsource the operations, management, and delivery of processes effectively, which will help reduce the total cost of a business.

Here are some reasons to choose managed services:

  • Pay only for the service you use
  • Achieve increased performance
  • Make value-added use of internal resources
  • Achieve Continuous Service Improvement (CSI) and efficiency gains over time 
  • Reduction in risks because of business volatility that drives service demand
  • Provide suppliers the responsibility to look after staffing engagements and management of resources.

Staff Augmentation

The Salesforce staff augmentation model of resource hiring focuses on closing skills gaps among the existing employees of any company for a specific project. Firms that offer staff augmentation services provide personnel based on clients’ unique needs. 

Costs are often assessed incrementally-either per Salesforce expert or per hour worked because they sell time-in-seats rather than services. Typically, the client manages resources which can provide a greater sense of control for the customer.

Salesforce staff augmentation can be effective when a business struggles to meet looming project deadlines. The extra resources through staff augmentation can help complete projects without incurring additional costs and risks in hiring in-house resources.

Here are some reasons to choose staff augmentation services:

  • Retain complete control of the project
  • Suitable for on-time completion of your short-term projects
  • Lesser legalities as staff augmentation agencies take care of it for their resources
  • Reduced hiring and retention costs and increased output 

Choose the Suitable Salesforce Resources the Right Way

For a growing company, it is essential to be scalable. But with the growth comes along excessive workload that the internal team can’t manage. That’s where the idea of outsourcing work to external resources is a great catch. 

Both managed services and staff augmentation have their benefits. Evaluate your requirements and choose your resource hiring model wisely to hire Salesforce developers or any other professional. And if you need help, contact us to discuss your requirements with our Salesforce consultants and find out what resources model works for you. 

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