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How Salesforce Consultancies Can Help With Changing Insurance Technology

Insurance Technology is Changing Your Business Should Too
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It’s true that technology is taking over the world. But it doesn’t just mean drones and self-driving cars. The changing technology patterns and trends can be seen in almost every industry segment. But let’s talk about insurance here. From enabling fast claims processing to near-instant quotes, Salesforce consultancies are actively helping insurance companies to grow with changing technology.  

For insurance companies that are still working with legacy systems, there’s always a constant need to get their operations up to the level where they can compete with other agile businesses. That’s where moving to Salesforce is one way to embrace the new technology and boost operations. 

They can follow a modular approach to take their data over Salesforce while preserving all their valuable data. There would be no need to pause the operations; reliable Salesforce consultancy services can handle the entire migration process without any hassles. 

In this blog, we’ll be talking about the changing trends and technologies in the insurance sector that can be leveraged with the help of Salesforce experts, enabling the team to get the best results. 

Upgrade Your Insurance Business with Salesforce Consultancies

It’s true that every insurance business needs to upgrade with the changing world full of new technologies. But the real question is, what exactly do they need to change? 

So, here we’ve mentioned the industry trends that insurance businesses need to leverage that would help companies grow and scale with the right technology.

1. Target real insurance customer needs

It’s not those easy times anymore when we could simply count on the accuracy of the data provided by customers and use it blindly. Insurance companies should work with advanced analytics and diagnostics to get valuable and accurate information from customers or policyholders.

Technology can transform the insurance business in new ways. It can help with achieving real-time alerts and keeping agents updated about life events of policyholders. This could be a wake-up call for agents to get the right data that could enable them to provide better coverage to customers. 

2. Introduce automation capabilities

For back-office operations like payment processing, automation can be the real deal. But with Salesforce for insurance agents getting so advanced with AI, the need is to embrace the power of predictive analytics that will help them with operations related to marketing, service, and underwriting.   

Gone are those days when an insurance agent has to wait for pricing and other decisions to submit a policy to underwriting. The responses can now be delivered instantly with AI-powered Salesforce capabilities.

3. Fill coverage gaps

Many insurance companies are already leveraging the power of CRM analytics to boost their sales. It is one of the best ways to improve upsell and cross-sell strategies. For managers, it helps to keep track of insights related to team performance and workflow data, ensuring all accounts are provided optimum service and support, resulting in happier customers.

Along with this, Salesforce consultancies can also help insurance companies get the best out of customer intelligence capabilities, enabling sales representatives to ask just the right questions to customers. 

It enables reps to follow a more informed approach that enables customers to get insurance protection that is best suitable for them with minimum risk of coverage gaps. 

4. Prepare a 360-degree action plan

For insurance agents, it is necessary to have a 360-degree view of customers, which would provide them with insights into their behavior and choices. That’s where leveraging predictive analytics in Salesforce is a smart choice, helping agents spot trends in a better and faster way. 

Insurance agents should consider leveraging the power of the Financial Services Cloud, which would enable them to keep all customer details in one place and easily analyze trends and patterns. They can use CRM analytics to assess the data stored in Salesforce and evaluate the next best steps to follow to cater to each customer. 

There’s nothing better than agents being able to analyze how to efficiently manage clients and challenges more capably. That’s something we can ensure with predictive analytics at its best.

5. Embrace the new and enhanced architecture

Many companies are making the mistake of investing a lot into aging systems that require extensive customizations. It’s not just an expensive option for the business, but it’s also daunting to work with it. If you’re someone using such a system to manage everything from coverage to premium processing, you can’t just switch to a new system. What you need here is a modular approach. 

Salesforce for insurance agents has an architecture that your insurance operations need to manage your workflows better and access actionable insights to improve service. It’s the kind of technology you need to achieve operational excellence while deepening relationships between agents and policyholders. 

Salesforce Consultancies to Make Your Insurance Business Agile

Any insurance company would have some common but important goals – delivering better products and recommendations, streamlining processes, and improving policyholder experience. However, it depends on how insurance agents are able to adapt to changing technologies to evaluate recent trends and changes in customer behavior. 

Salesforce can be a way to achieve it. Every policyholder seeks ease through the insurance claiming process and wants to receive better coverage. Salesforce consultancy services can help insurance agents deliver the kind of service customers expect while driving simplicity in operations. So, contact us and get the right kind of experts who will enable you to access and work with the right technology for your insurance business.  

Quiz Time

Which of these is not an expectation of a policyholder from an insurance company?

a). Faster document verification

b). Personalized recommendations

c). Big coverage gaps

d). Minimum wait times

Show Answer: c) Big coverage gaps


For insurance companies, one of the most troubling challenges is to manage claims, taking up a lot of the agents’ time. Using Financial Services Cloud here helps to simplify the process by managing all the details in one place, making it easier for agents to find it when needed. Also, the solution makes it faster to handle multiple cases, minimizing handling time and improving performance. 

Not only this but implementing Financial Services Cloud in insurance companies also helps to optimize the way service teams handle clients. It keeps the client information, their records, and engagement history in one place, enabling the teams to quickly interact with them and assist them with faster solutions to their queries.  

Insurance companies implementing Salesforce are leveraging the power of cloud-first digitization, which helps them rebuild processes and experiences while boosting productivity and performance. With Salesforce, agents can build personalized prospect journeys to understand them well and offer personalized recommendations that will be likely to please customers. 

Additionally, using Salesforce will provide insurance agents with a single source of truth about customers, making it easier for them to track their critical moments. This will simplify the process of policy renewal, helping customers to save from policy lapse or late fees. Thus, it will be a great way to improve customer experiences and achieve their satisfaction.

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