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How Salesforce Managed Services Streamline Nonprofit Operations

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Many companies make the mistake of thinking that Salesforce is only good for companies looking to boost sales. Salesforce also brings some amazing functionalities to the table to support nonprofit organizations. Many NPOs have already realized the value of Salesforce managed services and are actively making the most of the features and capabilities Salesforce has to offer. 

Salesforce has been world’s #1 CRM platform and that’s justified for many reasons. And surely one of the reasons is its customizability and its application for multiple industries. Whether it is healthcare or nonprofit, Salesforce has got to offer something to each kind of company. 

Specifically for nonprofits, Salesforce has amazing features and tools that enable NPOs to achieve the excellence they need while streamlining their operations from donor management to fundraising. So, in this blog, we’ll be focusing on how nonprofits are considering working with Salesforce managed services and how it’s favoring them. 

The Value Salesforce for Nonprofits

Using Salesforce for nonprofits enables users access a comprehensive suite of tools, features, services, and technology designed to help you connect with donors, track volunteers, and manage campaigns. This empowers mission-driven organizations to transform their engagements into lasting relationships. Here’s what Salesforce has got for nonprofits.

Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP)

NPSP offers a range of managed packages that simplify donor relationship management. Our Salesforce experts can help you install NPSP either by signing up for your Salesforce trial or installing it on your Salesforce Enterprise platform.

Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud

Nonprofit Cloud is a product by Salesforce that helps NPOs to manage fundraising, marketing, and other operations while providing all details in a unified system. We’ll customize your solution by hand-selecting add-on applications from over 5000 apps compatible with Nonprofit Cloud. We’ll also provide comprehensive training on reporting, customer/self-service, marketing, and event management tools.

The Power of Us Program

Through the Power of Us Program, nonprofits gain access to discounted pricing and receive 10 free Salesforce licenses. Upon completing a straightforward application, top experts will guide your nonprofit through the Quick Start Implementation process, offering tailored recommendations on maximizing the program’s benefits. This means your organization can start leveraging Salesforce software effectively from the get-go.

Why Should Nonprofits Consider Working with Salesforce Managed Services?

The value of Salesforce is not hidden from the world. However, many companies might confuse it with a CRM platform that only helps to improve sales. Salesforce is much more than that. Nonprofits can also get the most out of this platform and easily streamline their donor and donation management while focusing on their marketing and events.

Now, let’s look into what Salesforce services have to offer for nonprofits and how it will be beneficial for them. 

1. Improve Reporting

Reporting is essential for every organization as it provides detailed insights into donor management, fundraising activities, survey responses, programs, seminars, and more. Implementing Salesforce simplifies this management process.

Interpreting and analyzing reports is crucial for achieving effective outcomes and mission goals. Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud is widely used due to its ability to deliver these benefits.

2. Customize Database for Donors

Salesforce enables the customization of donor data through custom fields, relationships, objects, and other elements. The donor database can be updated with online donations using this software. Additionally, it integrates seamlessly with online fundraising platforms like Donorbox. This functionality is also available for higher education institutions.

3. Increase Operational Efficiency

You’ll see a significant boost in workforce efficiency with Salesforce CRM, which fosters strong communication among all partners. This CRM solution enhances nonprofit fundraising activities and event management, thereby increasing program impact. Additionally, Salesforce for Nonprofits helps you achieve your targeted goals within the set timeframe.

4. Save Costs

Managed Services for Salesforce deliver cost savings for nonprofits by eliminating the need for a full-time Salesforce administrator and offering flexible pricing models that fit within budget constraints. 

Streamlined automation helps prevent costly errors and enhances operational efficiency, allowing nonprofits to fully leverage their Salesforce investment. Additionally, the scalability of external support enables organizations to grow without requiring additional internal resources.

5. Track and Manage Programs

The program management module in Salesforce for Nonprofits efficiently tracks programs and services, helping manage all information to prevent chaos. It segments participants into various groups based on criteria such as season, class, and funders. Additionally, Salesforce for Nonprofits simplifies fundraising efforts. Some organizations may even qualify for free licenses to support these activities.

6. Enable Automation

Leveraging Managed Services for Salesforce can help you avoid spending unnecessary time on tasks. Managed services teams can streamline your automation by identifying ways to organize and optimize your workflow. 

Gain a comprehensive view of your organization with custom dashboards, real-time reports, and enhanced data migration. These measures reduce the need for time-consuming manual tasks, allowing you to work more efficiently.

Get Salesforce Managed Services for Your Nonprofit Organization

There’s a lot that Salesforce has to offer for nonprofits. Whether it is about managing fundraising processes and tracking donor details, Salesforce has the right features to simplify it all. However, to use those features efficiently, you need to have the support of the best certified Salesforce experts to assist you. 

We’ve got experts with hands-on experience with Salesforce features for nonprofit organizations that need help to streamline their operations and simplify the workflow. Contact us and get such Salesforce professionals to support your operations.

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