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The Importance of Salesforce E-commerce Integration for Merchants

salesforce ecommerce integration
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With technology, huge growth has been seen in the way people shop. Nowadays, more and more customers shift have been seen on online platforms, considering the ease of shopping it offers. While it promotes ease for customers, e-commerce merchants are working even harder to make sure they enable an effective shopping experience for their online customers. With this approach, merchants are considering Salesforce e-commerce integration to access a single source of truth and manage all operations from one platform. 

A study by BRP shows that 73% of customers expect to have the ability to track their respective orders across all touchpoints. This makes it essential for e-commerce merchants to give enough emphasis on making their platforms smarter and providing enhanced features to customers, making their shopping experience effective. 

Whether the merchants use platforms like WordPress or Shopify, making track of all the data while streamlining operations with the data can be tough. That’s where the importance of Salesforce e-commerce integration comes into play. So, in this blog, we’ll be giving a closer look at how this integration is bringing a change for e-commerce businesses. 

Importance of Salesforce E-commerce Integration for Businesses

With the idea of growing business online, e-commerce merchants these days are using e-commerce platforms like WordPress. But with the increasing demands of customers and increasing workload, the need is to make a more efficient system to manage the online customers and their orders while ensuring complete satisfaction.

That’s something Salesforce integration with the e-commerce platform is offering. So, if a merchant is using WordPress to run the e-commerce website, considering WordPress Salesforce integration would bring the different operations together, making it easier to manage the online website or applications while making strategic decisions having the customer data within a single view. 

Let’s get a better understanding of the benefits of Salesforce and e-commerce integration and its positive impact on businesses. 

1. Better Marketing and Promotion

With the Salesforce and e-commerce integration, retailers have experienced the ease of bringing their siloes data together, which has shown significant improvement in their marketing approach. This has helped to enhance marketing strategies, whether it is about planning or targeting different audience segments. 

The integration helps to send out personalized emails that are focused on unique interests and customer behavior, giving better results for the business. 

2. Improve Customer Experience

Not only for the business but integrating the e-commerce platform used by the business with Salesforce CRM has a direct positive impact on the customers as well. The integrated data helps customers to access a clear picture of everything, whether it is about order status updates or shipment tracking features. 

The integration helps businesses to get deeper insights into customer data that help them understand customer expectations better and cater to them by providing personalized offers and suggestions. 

3. Forecasting and Better Inventory Planning

When an e-commerce business has Salesforce integration, it can update the team about every piece of data, like the most popular product or the product that needs restocking. This helps businesses to access real-time sales data and conduct forecasting for sourcing, manufacturing, and sales. 

It helps to cut down the workload of manual operations and help to automate processes, which ultimately decreases the overhead issues and decrease the timeline involved in the processes.  

4. Enhance Sales Team Performance

When it comes to running an e-commerce business, ensuring customer satisfaction and delight has become the key. For businesses emphasizing more on enhancing the performance and capabilities of customer support teams, Shopify Salesforce integration can bring real transformation. 

The integration allows the sales team to have information related to real-time customer details, like their preferences, product views, payments, etc., thus enabling them to make effective strategies for cross-selling and upselling. It also enables the sales team to make more informed decisions and persuades them to complete the checkout process. 

5. Access Omni-Channel Functionalities

Considering Salesforce integration with the e-commerce platform helps businesses to bring the multiple channels they use together, thus allowing them to access data and manage operations through a single platform only. 

E-commerce merchants these days are actively using Salesforce and connecting in which different channels, which allows them to access a single shared platform to manage orders, inventory, and sales. This will ultimately help to reduce the effort and time that the team used to invest in tracking operations and activities through siloed information. 

6. Deliver Rich Mobile Experience

In the last few years, mobile users who prefer their devices to shop online have seen a significant increase. Due to this boost, e-commerce businesses are looking to adopt strategies that could help improve the user experience on mobile devices. They need to work on making the mobile experience responsive and immersive. 

This makes it essential for e-commerce businesses to work to enable an effective shopping experience for their mobile users, making it easier for them to navigate through products and services while enabling an easier checkout process. That’s something Salesforce integration with an e-commerce platform makes possible, enabling the team to help customers achieve an optimal shopping experience. 

Bring Your E-commerce Platform and Salesforce Together with Expert Assistance

As the retail industry is evolving on a faster scale, it makes it essential for merchants to make smarter moves and adopt digital transformation that could boost their operations and ensure enhanced customer satisfaction. It doesn’t matter which e-commerce platform you use to manage your online sales; integrating it with Salesforce can bring real change. 

From managing operations from one platform to having a closer look at customer interest, satisfaction levels, and inventory management will all be easier when you’ve integrated your platform with Salesforce. Contact us and get the right help from Salesforce experts to adopt this kind of change for your retail business. 

salesforce ecommerce integration
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