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Key Steps to Plan and Manage an Event with Salesforce Event Management

Salesforce Event Management
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Salesforce have been helping businesses in every way possible and becoming the central command center. You are always discovering what more the platform can do, from keeping track of your data to streamlining communication and providing crucial analytics and reports. But we will tell you something you didn’t know Salesforce could do. It can manage events for you and ensure that they are successful. Salesforce event management is rather undiscovered for businesses, but it is something that has the potential to streamline all you need for a successful event.

In this blog, we’ll guide you through the steps that will enable you to efficiently work on planning your events and get amazing participation and the best results from them.

How to Plan Events with Salesforce Event Management

Planning an event can be tricky and exhausting, but with Salesforce, you can cut down the complexity and plan your next events efficiently. So, we’ve mentioned some steps here through which you can plan your event with Salesforce and make it a successful one. 


1. Use the Right Salesforce Event Management App

To make it all efficient, having the right application is necessary. You can use a standard natively developed Salesforce app from Salesforce AppExchange here to keep all your data in one place, and if you have ever planned an event, you know how important that can be.

You can also reach out to Salesforce development services for Salesforce custom app development. These custom apps are made from the ground up to keep your specific needs in mind and can be integrated with your Salesforce. 

2. Conduct Segmentation of Salesforce Data

With the segmentation of your Salesforce data, you can use strategies tailored for engaging your audience. With segmentation, you can find any data you need. But when we are talking about Salesforce for event management, a few key segmentations stand out:

Ticket Pricing: Creating an effective ticket pricing strategy ensures people attend your event. 

Data segmentation: Segmenting your Salesforce data will allow you to understand the general ticket price. 

Guest List: You would like to target guests who are most likely to attend your event, and for this, you can use your Salesforce data to create a targeted list of guests.

Targeted Messaging: By analyzing your Salesforce data, you can send targeted messages to your guests on their preferred platform. 

3. Custom Pricing Levels 

Your event wouldn’t have one, just one standard price for all tickets. You would likely want to divide them among categories such as general tickets or VIP tickets. But how can Salesforce help you do this efficiently? This is exactly where Salesforce customization services come into play. 

By using the Salesforce custom app development services, you can get the perfect app you need. Using the app, you can see all your data on your guests. Using this data and analyzing it against your budget, you all get an exact idea of what the general admission tickets should cost and what the piercing for the VIP tickets should be.

4. Set up a Microsite for your Event

Only setting up the event won’t be enough. You need to be sure that those seats are booked and that people attend the event. That’s where you need to work on your promotional strategies. While you work on your multi-channel marketing strategies, you also need to get a microsite built for the registration purpose for the event. 

Having a well-designed microsite will enable your guests to browse through everything they need to know and register for the event.

5. Manage Event Logistics

Managing logistics has been historically one of the most difficult things to manage for an event, but it plays a crucial part in deciding the success of your event. But when you get a custom app, you can make the entire process of managing logistics a seamless process. 

You can use the  Salesforce custom app to keep track of every important logistic activity. You can choose and track the venue for the event. Pick a location that can be easily accessible for your guests and can accommodate them.

6. Register 

To ensure you get the maximum number of guests at the event, the first step is to enable a seamless registration process. Online registration is the most efficient to achieve this. It offers your guests the ease of registering from anywhere. 

Your  Salesforce custom app will track those who have requested online, those who have registered on-site, and when all your tickets are sold out. This will help you keep track of your registration process more efficiently.

7. Compile Event Reports

Salesforce event management will not only make your current event a successful one but also help you prepare for the next one. You can easily do this by using reporting tools. These tools will help you analyze everything about your event.

 You can start off by creating a report of registration and guest attendance; it helps you recognize what tickets sold the most, how many guests attended, and what was the peak registration time period.

Reports also help you determine the commercial success of your event; you can analyze how much you profited from your business and analyze it against your budget. It helps you calculate your ROI more efficiently.

How 360 Degree Cloud Helped an NPO Plan a Successful Event

We had to help an NPO plan a fundraising event. They needed Salesforce customization services that would help them streamline their entire event management process. We got to work; we had experienced professionals who had experience in Salesforce custom application development that helped manage events.

Our experienced professionals got to work and created a Salesforce custom app. This app helped them create a custom list of guests they wanted to invite to the event.  After this, we helped them segment their audience based on which messages they have engaged with the most. Helping them create custom messages to target their audience using Salesforce data. 

The next step was to help them use their Salesforce data to create an effective pricing strategy. We helped them set an ideal price that would help them generate a profit from the event itself. Using the data, the NGO was able to pick a location that was well-suited for their target guests, and this was done using the addresses they had on record for all their attendees.

Lastly, we supported them in creating reports that helped them gauge the success of their event. The result was not only did everything go as planned with the help of their Salesforce custom app, but the event had 34% more attendees than they initially calculated and 37% more donations than expected. Contact us if you want similar incredible results for your business, too.

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