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Not Using 360 Mass Mailer Yet? Here are the Top 5 Reasons to Consider

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For any business, emails are equally important as calls or texts. Every communication channel is important and shares a unique user base. Therefore, you cannot predict which channel can help you maximize customer responses and engagement. Consequently, it becomes essential to prepare yourself to manage business communications in the best manner, no matter the channel.

If we talk about effective business communication, the primary focus is on outreach.

And the reasons are quite obvious. The first step to establishing connectivity is outreach; only then can one expect engagement, responses, and outcomes.

While using emails for communications, the biggest obstacle that comes across is limited outreach, as users can send only a limited number of emails on a daily basis, even if they intend to send more. This leads to limited connectivity and repeated tasks on a daily basis. 

Not only this, but there is more that can be improved to upscale email operations and make the most out of emails.

The 360 mass mailer is designed with the same intent. Users can send mass emails from Salesforce conveniently and effectively.

In this blog, we will discuss why you should embrace 360 Mass mailer for your email operations and how it can help you improve your email operations.

Why Opt for one of the Salesforce Essentials: Mass Email Solution

No more Limited Outreach, Send Mass Emails from Salesforce

Imagine that you get up in the morning, ready to conquer the day with your values, the product you are creating, and the vision that moves you. You are all about the concepts, novels, and everyone you can reach out and talk to. But just then, you come across a block—the fear of running email limits gets your heartbeat racing with the worry of restricting your outreach. That’s where 360 Mass Mailer comes in to save the day.

With our tool at your fingertips, you can use Salesforce to send emails to multiple contacts as you are no longer limited by those restrictions; you are simply opening up the gateway to numerous different environments. Unlike before, there is nothing more impeding your outreach but just you, now. The fact that you can now reach out to thousands of people makes it just so much easier for you to connect at scale.

You can craft those compelling messages, share your story, showcase your product, and hit send without a second thought. There are no caps, no restrictions on the number of emails you can send out each day. It’s like having an infinite canvas to paint your message across the digital landscape.

So, seize the moment, seize the opportunity, and let your creativity flow. Send mass emails from Salesforce faster and more conveniently. With 360 Mass Mailer, the sky’s the limit, and your outreach knows no bounds!

No more Unresponsive Emails

Moreover, you get a situation where you have a marketing campaign, but after all the hard work you try, the response is not the one you have hoped for. Your inbox remains disappointingly quiet, and you’re left wondering why your emails aren’t generating the engagement you expected.

With one of the Salesforce essentials-mass email solution ‘360 Mass Mailer’, just say goodbye to the frustrations of dealing with nonresponsive emails. This is such a powerful tool that you can use to communicate only those emails that are relevant or otherwise annoying to the addressee in particular. They are tailored entirely for the targets. Through the use of audience crackdowns and email personalization based on the target audience’s preferences and interests, you can be assured that your emails will elicit a tangible response from the recipient that they relate to. We are going with a customized method in which not only do people start liking your emails, but it also improves email marketing in terms of effectiveness. Therefore, you can use Salesforce to send emails to multiple contacts that are highly personalized and more responsive. 

Extensive Manual Efforts are No More in the Game 

Picture this: As a marketing manager, not only are you trying to manage several campaigns at ones, but you are also very particular with the timing of your emails so that they are delivered accordingly to your target audience. On the other hand, sending each campaign email manually can be both cost and error-prone, which will result in lost opportunities and ineffective relationships with the stakeholders.

Now, you can add our 360 Mass Mailer, which will leave behind hours of manual labor. Say goodbye to the days of sending emails one by one. You can use Salesforce to send emails to multiple contacts automatically. With our mass mailer solution, you can enable the automation of your email journeys and ensure to send emails to your audience on the appropriate date and time. Automation campaigns help to speed up your workflow, save you time doing something more important, and keep in touch with your subscribers at all times, whatever you are occupied with at the moment. Our Mass Mailer leaves you with little or no tedious work. Now, you can just concentrate on achieving your business goals while we take care of the rest.

Say Goodbye to Delayed Campaign Launches and Email Operations 

Try to picture yourself getting ready for a major product launch, and suddenly, you realize that the deadline for the campaign email is fast approaching, and you spent lots of time creating emails from scratch, which you find is hard. Time ticking away, and you’re concerned about 10-15 days of slowdowns in delivering emails to the audience, which can have a negative impact on your email campaign.

Solution: With our 360 Mass Mailer, you can bid farewell to delayed campaign launches and email operations. Say goodbye to the days of starting from square one with each email creation. Our platforms come with many pre-designed templates that you can tailor to your brand and mission statement. Make use of these templates by eliminating the time that you put into writing the emails. This way, you can quicken your email marketing campaigns and deliver your audience with the right content on time. You will not regret starting with this one of the Salesforce essentials: mass email service, as it will never make you feel stressed about being late or rushing to send your emails.

No Integration Hassle

Picture this: For instance, suppose you want to roll out a new email marketing system in your business. However, the perceived headaches related to integration are making you doubt it. You see yourself dealing with dozens of roundtrips between different platforms, which causes the data to be disconnected and confused.

But fear not! The 360 Mass Mailer offered by us is a tool that is not only simple to use but also integration-free. Our platform, which is built on the base of the Salesforce platform, integrates in an easy way into your Salesforce environment, meaning no need for complicated integrations and, therefore smooth transition. Farewell to the pain of figuring out multiple systems and let Salesforce be a tool for a unified view of email marketing activities. The task of integration is now made easy with 360 Mass Mailer, freeing up time to let you handle the important business of connecting with the audience and bringing in those results.


360 Mass Mailer is a robust platform that can help you take your marketing to the next level when used correctly. This is the right time to plug in the Mass Mailer if you haven’t done it yet. Its appearance inside the system, automatic settings, personalized email paths, ready-made templates, and Salesforce-nativity are distinctive features that cover all necessary aspects to accelerate the email marketing process.  By leveraging these features, you can increase efficiency, boost engagement, and lead to tangible outcomes for your business. Do not become restricted by the other email marketing tools that are available, and discover the ability that 360 Mass Mailer presents to elevate your email marketing strategy. Ready to upscale your email operations? Contact us to reach out our experts.

Siddharth Sehgal


Siddharth Sehgal is CEO & Salesforce Communication Guru. He helps businesses grow exponentially by putting their Salesforce CRM on steroids with his unique techniques. He is on a mission to help businesses build deeper relationships with their customers.

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