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Top Trends of Salesforce Application Development You Can’t Afford To Miss

Top Trends of Salesforce Application Development
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When the idea is to adopt Salesforce, the first step is to determine the type of Salesforce application you want. The next step is to be aware of the top trends of Salesforce application development to start customizing your business’s solution. 

Salesforce application is not just about building a solution; it also includes paying close attention to changes and rectifications that are to be made to create a robust solution. With all recent trends coming, Salesforce has been making a lot of rectifications and updates and even bringing new products to improve application development.

Top Trends of Salesforce Application Development That You Should Follow

It’s 2023, and Salesforce is actively transforming how Salesforce applications have been created to make apps more advanced and industry-specific. 

With more and more trends coming, we’ve listed our favorite top trends of Salesforce application development that will improve the productivity of Salesforce developers.

1. Customer 360 Platform

Companies working on Salesforce development always look for ways to help transform their marketing effort. That’s where they consider Salesforce Customer 360 Platform for tailoring their marketing strategy to meet the growing and changing customer expectations and needs. 

Salesforce has brought new updates for 360 Platform, enabling businesses to easily track and evaluate customer interest behavior across multiple sales channels. When the team properly understands customer behavior, it gives them the right direction to upgrade their business and improve lead generation. 

With Customer 360 Platform, companies could successfully capture clients across different segments. However, it could be difficult to work around the platform, for which you’ll need the assistance of certified Salesforce consultants. 

2. Flow Orchestrator for Salesforce

With processes and operations across different industries becoming complex, it has become vital to consider automation. As the record volume of a company increases, it increases the chances of errors, miscalculations, unexpected delays, unsatisfied customers, and lost income. To avoid such problems, Salesforce came up with Flow Orchestrator. 

Flow Orchestrator allows Salesforce admins to quickly set up, automate, and install procedures for commercial enterprises. It enables them to access the power of automation with just a few clicks, thus avoiding the need for complex coding. 

3. E-commerce Automation

E-commerce companies planning to build strategic decisions rely on marketing automation to boost efforts. This allows teams to achieve their goals without any need for human intervention. 

Salesforce is allowing teams to automate their e-commerce operations with the help of Pardot integration. Salesforce integration with Pardot allows companies to boost marketing efforts and improve campaigns to accelerate pipelines and achieve better returns. This integration enables the sales team to improve sales through social media, emails, telephony, and lead generation. 

For even better results, e-commerce companies are even opting the power of Salesforce Marketing Cloud. It helps teams streamline their campaign operations and automate emails and messages sent to customers from different segments. 

4. AI-Driven Processes

In recent years, technologies like machine learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI) have achieved significant popularity growth. These technologies allow teams to analyze data so companies can derive helpful insights that could be used for decision-making and planning future strategies. Salesforce has brought the power of these technologies with Einstein. 

Salesforce Einstein’s huge dataset allows companies to predict customer behavior and get insights to plan business strategies. The predictive models of Einstein allow teams to look at future trends and improve AppExchange app development strategies. 

Adopt These Top Trends of Salesforce Application Development with Experts

When you want to keep your business growing while using Salesforce, it is essential to be aware of the top trends of Salesforce application development and adopt these to build intuitive applications. 

But to get your hands on these features and understand them well, you’ll require the help of certified Salesforce developers. Contact us to discuss what could help transform your business and get a customized solution to deliver the same.

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