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Refine your customer feedback strategy with Salesforce Surveys

As a brand, you always try to offer what’s best for your customers. But do your customers also think that?
It is important to know what your customers think about your business or are they really satisfied with what you’re offering. Such insights would give you the knowledge about any improvement that your customers expect you to make in your product or services. That’s where Salesforce Surveys can be of great help.
Salesforce Surveys was launched in the Spring ‘18 release and over the years Salesforce added numerous features in questions, design, branding, and distribution.
Initially, customers could create only one survey for free, and to create more surveys, they had to purchase a license. However, with Summer ‘19 release, Salesforce made this feature free for all users. All you need is to assign certain profiles to users, to give them access to create surveys and send invitations to the relevant participants.

What exactly Salesforce Surveys is used for

As the name suggests, Salesforce Surveys help to create surveys that can be sent to participants to gain their opinion or feedback.
This enables you to make excellent, easy-to-use forms that can be used for collecting feedback and data from your clients. You can add different types of inquiries to gather the data you need.
Such surveys will allow all your profitable review information to be stored in your organization, so you can easily access information, make reports and dashboards, and offer personalized experiences with your organization.

Benefits of Salesforce Surveys

Let’s look into this list of objectives for which you can use Salesforce Surveys in your business.

1. Easily follow up with customers

Salesforce Surveys allows you to follow up with your customers who contacted your customer support team. It involves asking for feedback to further improve your operations and customer retention activities.
Fig. Customizable Salesforce survey for customer feedback

2. Share users' data among employees

Salesforce surveys not just allow you to gather data but also to share it with company individuals as reports or views, allowing employees from different departments access to it.

3. Collect data seamlessly

You can easily collect users’ data with the help of Salesforce Forms. For example, you can create forms that will help to capture and manage customer feedback and insights about your product easily.

4. Automate your tasks

In business, you don’t always have to get involved in things manually. This is why we use automation to save time and enhance accuracy. In Salesforce, developers can automate certain tasks and set triggers for different events, for example, you can automate invitations for surveys by using process builder as shown in the image below.
Now you know how Salesforce Survey is beneficial for you, so let’s look into
How you can create a Salesforce Survey. → 

Wrapping Up

Conducting a Salesforce survey is one of the best and most reliable options to gather customers’ data. It even becomes more interesting with third-party tools like form builders. You can even integrate Salesforce with other tools which boils down the entire process to automating tasks, gathering customers’ data on the go, and performing actions based on form data.
For starters, you can begin with creating and running your Salesforce survey with the help you the PDF that we’ve attached. And if you need to go a level up with your forms, you can always reach out to our Salesforce-certified professionals.

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