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5 Free Apps from AppExchange
to Make Your System Work on

It’s quite fascinating that Salesforce has a broad ecosystem of more than 3,000 AppExchange applications that can help you extend your use of CRM.
Whether it is about adding automation to your business processes or improving business productivity, you can find AppExchange apps that can help you increase your customer base and propel business ahead.
We can help you find apps that are used most often to optimize business operations and improve business efficiency & productivity. Even better, let’s find you some free AppExchange apps that can turbocharge your Salesforce journey.

1. Lead and Opportunity Management Dashboards

These two dashboards allow you to wrap visibility around Lead flow and Opportunity Management.
Here are the features that you can access from the two dashboards:
    Lead Dashboards:
This dashboard allows you to track lead counts, ownership, and general status, and record the source and conversion information.
    Opportunity Dashboards:
The dashboard allows you to track closed business for an Year/Quarter/Month. You can also track win/loss ratios, sales closing trends, the top revenue-generating accounts, and much more.

2. Action Plans

Action Plans is the app that helps to encapsulate best practices into shareable and reusable task templates. With the latest version of the application, you can create action plans for any standard or custom object, even by using Flow or Apex Code.
The app allows you to create action plans for an Account, Lead, Contact, Opportunity, Case, Campaign, or any Custom Object. You can pre-assign tasks to a specific individual or auto-assign them to the running user of the parent record.
If you’d like to integrate your Action Plans with custom flows, objects, processes, etc., there are many customization guides that you can access.
Here are some of the key features of the app:
You can import/export and share your Action Plan Templates with other Salesforce org.

The app supports task reminder times and controls behavior around Chatter Notifications. It takes action when a Lead is converted and defaults Task assignment behavior.

You can activate Action Plan creation from a template in Process Builder and Flow using invocable Apex.

3. Zoom

The app enables Zoom’s native integration with Salesforce that helps you to seamlessly meet with your customers, scale webinars, and efficiently manage your sales calls.
Teams can open Zoom Meeting with contacts with a few clicks and the interface is ubiquitous. You can also record your conversation in your Salesforce activity history. The application enables you to schedule or start a Zoom Webinar, add leads and contacts as registrants, and track participation.
Additionally, you can use the Zoom Phone dialer to manage your Zoom Phone calls. You can automatically log call activity and your contacts are populated directly from the Salesforce interface into your Zoom Phone.
These are some of the key features of the application:
You can seamlessly start a Zoom Meeting and track it in your Salesforce activity history.
You can automate syncing Zoom Webinar attendee information and webinar participation to contacts.
The app allows you to manage your inbound and outbound sales calls and sync call notes automatically when using the Zoom Phone soft dialer.

4. Sales Activity Dashboards

For sales professionals, this dashboard can do a wonderful job to maintain visibility of the types of activities their sales teams are engaged in, related to different Opportunities.
This app is helpful in team selling environments where all executives work together and have to manage and track activities related to sales consulting engineering, and professional service representatives.
The key features of the application are:
Enhanced visibility of sales activities
Help with custom reports based exclusively on the out-of-the-box application
Visibility of work rate of sales professionals
Identification of neglected Opportunities and Accounts

5. ZoomInfo Field Trip

Ever wish you could run reports on the fields you have in Salesforce? Want to achieve that perfect, clutter-free page layout that could make tracking fields easier? Unpopulated fields in your Salesforce Org cause confusion, making the basic admin duties more difficult.
ZoomInfo Field Trip is the app that helps users to analyze the fields of any object, what percentage of records have that field populated, fields that are unused, and determine the overall health of your data.
The app allows you to analyze the fields of any object and get an instant insight into what percentage of your records have that specific field populated.
Here are some of the key features of the application:
Easily run reports to identify your unused fields that can be removed to improve overall Salesforce health.
Generate your ZoomInfo Data Quality Score depending on the fill rate and weight of the fields.
Go beyond your Contacts, Accounts Objects, and Leads to conduct a complete audit of your fields.
Field Trips can make it quick and painless to analyze your fields with an intuitive user interface and easy-to-export report.

Final Words

It’s safe to say that whenever you want to enhance your usage of your Salesforce Org, there can be an AppExchange app that can help you right away.
You can start with all the apps that we listed above to boost your productivity with Salesforce and track performance alongside.

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