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Let's Sync your Calendar with Salesforce

Setting up meetings is inescapable at most companies. But if you have to keep adding those meetings to different platforms manually, the time wasted adds up, which can get frustrating. Don’t add those meetings to other platforms; you might lose track of those meetings. That can cause even more trouble. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t.
Salesforce can save you here, allowing you to synchronize your Google Calendars with your Salesforce org, eliminating manual work or errors of double entries. This also helps to remove the friction involved in booking meetings and appointments.

Being the trusted Salesforce integration partners, we’ve worked on this synchronization between our clients’ Calendar and Salesforce using Salesforce’s Einstein Activity Capture feature. You can synchronize your Google and Outlook Calendars and Salesforce with Einstein Activity Capture by following a few steps.

But before we dive into these steps, let’s understand how integrating your Calendar with Salesforce could help you.

Why Should You Consider Integrating Google Calendar with Salesforce

Being able to manage your Google Calendar from within Salesforce can bring a lot of benefits for you. We’ve listed a few of these benefits of syncing your calendar with Salesforce.

1. Automatic scheduling

After setting meeting dates, times, and agendas, you can send individual emails for notifications and reminders. You must arrange the settings once, and the integrated tool automatically sends emails. Meanwhile, Salesforce will collect all the critical data from responses from the teams.

2. Enhanced productivity

It is undoubtedly more time-consuming to work with two separate applications just to complete a single purpose. Integrating Salesforce and your Calendar makes it easy to communicate with your teams easily from one platform, thus saving time and effort that could contribute to other essential tasks.

3. Better coordination between team members

You can create events of any size and bring on board everyone involved by integrating Google Calendar with Salesforce. It certainly makes it easier for team members to coordinate effectively.

4. Access to real-time notifications

It is crucial to respond to notifications as they come as you want to get all the critical updates and details about some running projects. This integration helps you view these notifications in real-time so you can take action on it as soon as possible.

5. Better, informed decision-making

Having both platforms integrated give you better visibility of your sales team. It allows seamless interaction. So the entire team gets involved in the decision-making process, which helps you make better-informed decisions and enhance performance.
We’ve learned about the benefits you’ll uncover by integrating your Google Calendar with Salesforce. Let’s now take a step ahead to integrate it using Einstein Activity Capture.

What is Einstein Activity Capture?

Einstein Activity Capture is an effective tool for boosting productivity, used to keep data up to date between Salesforce and your email and calendar applications. To do so, Einstein Activity Capture focuses on three data types—contacts, emails, and events. This tool can make it effortless to synchronize your Calendar with Salesforce.
We will take you through the no-code integration solution to connect your Google Calendar with Salesforce in just a few steps.

How to Configure Einstein Activity Capture to Sync Google Calendar with Salesforce

Step 1: Enable permission set for Einstein Activity Capture

1. Go to setup and look for Permission Set.
2. Click Standard Einstein Activity Capture from the list. Select Manage User.
Then click Add Assignments.
3. Now you have to choose users to whom you want to assign the permission.

Step 2: Manage Settings to Configure Einstein Activity Capture

1. Go to Setup and search Einstein Activity Capture.
2. Now select Settings and click Configuration.
3. Click Edit and add respective users from Profile Assignments.
Now, under the User Status, you’ll find users you’ve added.

Step 3: Connect your G-Suite Account

1. Now you have to add your G-Suite account.
2. Go to the Profile Setting. Under that, you’ll select Einstein Activity Capture.
3. Now you must select Sharing Setting and choose Connect Account.
You can select Connected Accounts if you want to connect more than one account or disconnect any.
You can select from the multiple sharing settings- Only Me, Everyone, or My Groups.
You can test the configuration by adding events on your Gmail calendar that will be visible in your Salesforce org.
Using Einstein Activity Capture, you can conduct this integration directly using the PDF on
How to Configure Einstein Activity Capture to Synchronize Google Calendar with Salesforce. → 

Winding Up

There you have it, the no-code solution for synchronizing your Google Calendar with Salesforce.
Scheduling meetings and running sales campaigns is a daily task for many companies. Integrating Salesforce with Google Calendar makes it easier for them to arrange and manage meetings and events without the need to keep switching them.

You can easily integrate the two with the given PDF, get in touch with our Salesforce consultants, and get started with our Salesforce integration services to synchronize your applications with Salesforce.

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