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Get your Linkedin integrated with your Salesforce to track all conversations

Almost every business has its presence on LinkedIn to expand its reach and connect with prospects, with a focus on getting better leads and brand awareness.
But are you sure you’re using LinkedIn to its full potential?
Being the company that’s using Salesforce for better customer relationships management, have you ever considered connecting it with LinkedIn to bring in potential customers?
LinkedIn can be a big help for you to tap the right prospects, bring leads, and close the deals quickly when combined with Salesforce. Let’s discuss Salesforce and LinkedIn integration in detail.

Salesforce and LinkedIn Integration

LinkedIn needs no introduction. It’s the largest professional online networking platform that has an active base of 722+ million users.
This platform is designed with the mindset to help people build and strengthen professional relationships and brush up their skills as per the market standards. No wonder, LinkedIn has deep-rooted its identity, but integrating it with Salesforce can add a lot more to its power.
The combined potential of LinkedIn and Salesforce has brought a new and noteworthy revolution to the business world.
The integration provides the sales teams of companies an opportunity to harness the power of LinkedIn Sales Navigator and Salesforce, easily targeting customers with suitable services and products.
Salesforce LinkedIn Integration will allow you to:
Discover customers who would be interested in your product and services
Learn about your customers with information available on their social profiles
Enable personalized outreach to connect and engage with customers
Help sales reps track down the detailed sales activities

What is a LinkedIn Sales Navigator?

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a popular and innovative sales tool used by companies to make virtual selling easy. Sales reps are using it to look for the right customers or partners to make trusted, strong, and long-term relationships.
With the help of Sales Navigator, users can witness a seamless data flow between the platforms, thus letting the sales team work on a centralized platform. This saves them the time they had been spending switching the platforms to fulfill different tasks.
Let’s look into some excellent LinkedIn Sales Navigator features that can bring value to businesses:
Lead Recommendations: Quickly find the right people and provide customized suggestions to your targeted accounts.
Advanced Lead and Company Search: Boost your search experience to find the right customers and partners.
Notes and Tags: Take notes and easily sync them with your CRM.
CRM Integration: Save your lead and contact information automatically to CRM, logging the sales navigator activity with just one click.
Who viewed your profile: Discover people who have viewed your profile in the last 90 days.
In-mail messages: Tap 500 million LinkedIn members easily without having to connect them.
Team Link: Connect with your prospects using the combined network of your organization.

Obtaining LinkedIn Information in Salesforce

Integrating LinkedIn and Salesforce using LinkedIn Sales Navigator allows you to access a lot of LinkedIn data within Salesforce.
ILet’s check out what LinkedIn information you can obtain within Salesforce post-integration.

1. Search and View LinkedIn Accounts in Salesforce

Integrating LinkedIn with Salesforce using Sales Navigator allows users to search for LinkedIn contacts within Sales Navigator. They can then match the results to have the contact information stored on LinkedIn.
All you need is to create an Account and Contact in Salesforce with the same name you’re going to use to search in Sales Navigator.
Once contact is created, users can enter the name and search for it in Sales Navigator for matching the results. After doing so, users can view all the related contact information and posts on the home of Sales Navigator.

2. Sending LinkedIn InMails from Salesforce

The integration enables users to send LinkedIn InMails to their LinkedIn contacts from within Salesforce only. Click LinkedIn Inmail after you open the respective contact on Salesforce to whom you want to share the LinkedIn InMail.
Type the subject and message you need to send and select the checkbox Copy to CRM so the message can be synced with your Salesforce. Click Send.
Moreover, data acquired from snapshots can also help you to readily spot inefficiencies that exist within the sales process. As an example, you can filter reports on the basis of geographic location to determine high-yield regions versus low-performing regions.

3. Access Auto-Generated List of Salesforce Contacts

Sales Navigator enables users to find the list of their Salesforce lead and account contacts in a single view.
Click Lists on Sales Navigator and discover Lead lists. The list is in synchronization with your Salesforce org and thus will obtain all your Salesforce contacts into Sales Navigator.

How to Set Up the Salesforce and LinkedIn Sales Navigator Integration

When you combine the LinkedIn Sales Navigator with your Salesforce Account, it allows you to explore LinkedIn Accounts, Accounts, Opportunities, and a lot more in a single view.
Moreover, you’ll be able to access multiple LinkedIn features directly through your Salesforce account.
You can set up the LinkedIn Sales Navigator Salesforce Integration with the help of the following steps:
Step 1: Search for the LinkedIn Sales Navigator Tool
Sign in to your Salesforce account.
Locate the Quick Find search box on the homepage and type LinkedIn Sales Navigator.
Step 2: Initiate the Salesforce and LinkedIn Sales Navigator Integration
Initiate the LinkedIn Sales Navigator Salesforce Integration by going to the LinkedIn Sales Navigator AppExchange Package tab. Now click the Install button.
You’ll see a pop-up window on your screen. Click on the option Get it Now in that window.
Note: You might be asked to log into the AppExchange using your account credentials. This can be needed for the verification of your account for the LinkedIn Navigator Salesforce Integration.
You will be given two installation options. Select the Install in This org option. Click Install Here.
Once you have reviewed and agreed to the terms and conditions for installation, click Confirm and Install.
Step 3: Set the User Access Limit
Now you have to choose from the following 3 options to determine the limit of users that can use the integration.
Select the Install for Admin Only option if you want to provide access to users with the admin account only.
Select the Install for All Users option if you want to grant access to all users.  
Choose the Install for Specific Profiles options if you want to constraint the access to limited users only.
Once you’ve selected the desired option, click Install.
Step 4: Complete and Configure the Installation
If your screen says Installation Complete, it means your LinkedIn Sales Navigator Salesforce Integration process is completed.
However, if your screen mentions Processing, have to wait for an email notification saying that the installation is complete. You can configure the tool according to your preferences once the installation is over.
That’s it! The LinkedIn Sales Navigator Salesforce Integration is completed successfully.
Also, you can directly get started with your Salesforce LinkedIn integration using this document on
How to Set Up the Salesforce and LinkedIn Sales Navigator Integration → 

Wrapping Up

The LinkedIn-Salesforce integration using Sales Navigator enables you to have complete visibility and easy access to LinkedIn feeds, contacts, and posts.
The integration thus helps Salesforce users to save an entire week’s work that they had been spending switching screens for sending InMails to prospects.
Salesforce integrations have enabled a great deal of ease to simplify data management, giving users a single view of all contacts and information. Connect with a team of Salesforce Consultation experts to know the relevant integrations that could scale up and extend your CRM capabilities and enhance your productivity.

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