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360 degree cloud technologies pvt. ltd.

Make your life Simple and track your Team's Activity with 360 Telephony

Reaching out to customers through emails, social media, and other digital platforms is all good; but what would be the one way you’ll surely be able to take your brand to them?
It’s their mobile devices, something they always keep along and thus giving you a doorway to reach your customers. And, the best way to do so is through calling.

That’s what makes Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) so important and central for a business.

Telephony with 360 SMS App

Don’t let the name of the app confuse you.
Our 360 SMS app is surely known as a reliable platform for sending out bulk messages and running powerful drip campaigns, but that’s not all.
Our app even supports the CTI features that we call 360 Telephony, made especially for salespeople. After all, what could be better for a sales agent than an integrated, centralized phone system that enables productive dialing and routing!

Features of 360 Telephony

Let’s have a look at some of the unique and advanced features of 360 Telephony that make it worth using for each business.

1. Auto-dialing for bulk calling

Dialing back-to-back is the biggest challenge while bulk calling; and sales reps cannot afford to waste that much amount of time.
With the auto-dial functionality feature of 360 Telephony, pre-decided numbers get dialed or skipped automatically from a list, thus cutting back on the dialing effort of your team.

2. Pop-ups with caller information

Lack of any details on the caller and your past interactions with them can adversely affect the customer service. Also, it might get frustrating for the caller to keep repeating the same thing to different representatives.
360 CTI helps to resolve this issue by generating a pop-up during an incoming call with the caller’s information and other details right on the representative’s screen.

3. Call forwarding

360 CTI allows you to forward calls to up to 9 numbers, thus decreasing the possibility of missing an incoming call.

4. Easy IVR setup

360 Telephony allows you to set up IVR in both male and female voices easily within a few minutes.
This feature enables you to add messages for auto-responders to read over IVR. And the best part, you don’t need to have the technical knowledge to access this text-to-speech functionality and configure IVR.

5. Call Routing and Conferencing

Too many calls to get a resolution can be irritating for a caller.
They might end up losing faith in your brand or eliminate the intention to make a purchase. But with 360 CTI, any resolution can be achieved over a single call.
The app supports advanced call transferring and conferencing capabilities to forward calls to the relevant subject matter expert or add the concerned person over an ongoing call, thus helping you to achieve first call resolution.

6.Set availability status

In case of unusually high call volumes, there are always chances of missing out on potential opportunities. That might lead to important callers waiting longer on hold which might frustrate them.
With 360 CTI, your agents can select their availability status as Online, Away, and Offline to confirm their availability for calls. Even during automatic call routing, calls will only be routed to agents marked online.

7. Call termination and autoresponse

The CTI capability of the app allows you to play auto-read or pre-recorded messages when a call is going to be terminated due to exceeding the number of trials or session length, busy queues, or unavailable staff.

How using 360 Telephony can help you

A sales team is always growth hungry.
So, any app or feature that could reduce their manual work and speed up efficiency and scale prospecting is highly valuable for the reps.
That’s what makes 360 Telephony a catch for your sales team.
Here’s how the app can help your sales reps:

1. Improve productivity and customer experience

360 CTI allows you to close more deals in less time with Click to Dial and Screen Popups for incoming calls. It even supports Advanced Call Routing, so you don’t have to miss a call ever. Also, your reps can capture in-call notes which can be saved directly in the customer’s Salesforce record.

2. Meet your sales quota each time

The CTI features of the app allow you to access tools like Power Dialer, IVR, and Prioritized Dialing that helps to increase customer engagement and close more sales.
With features like recordings & call monitoring, you can start coaching your sales team.

Along with this, you can always track which marketing campaigns drive revenue to give them more attention and work on improving the rest.

3. Faster results with zero setups & maintenance cost

It’s a fully configurable Salesforce CTI app that’s simple to use, and easy to install.
Being a native Salesforce CTI Application, it does not require any APIs or integration to run. Thus, it saves you from any hidden cost or add-on feature pricing.

Wrapping Up

Adopting a multichannel to sales and prospecting yields better results by reaching out to customers with a mix of calls and text messaging to stay-top-of-mind and scale communication. You’ll also qualify callers much faster and avoid more uninterested prospects and window-shoppers.
Just one app and you can improve your sales performance and productivity. When you move to a well-htought out and automated platform ( like 360 Telephony) you never miss out on any customer again. And again, there’s a lot more that the 360 SMS app has got to offer you.
You can always talk to our certified team to learn more about the app. Prepare to be pleasantly surprised.

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