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Access Salesforce anytime and anywhere
via Salesforce Mobile 1

We all prefer mobility when it comes to managing our business, especially if the business has agents out in the field that need access to company systems and data outside company walls. Luckily, it’s the kind of mobility Salesforce CRM offers.

The Salesforce Mobile app allows agents to access their CRM data on the move, and the best part is they can even access it when offline.

In this article, we’ll throw some light on how the Salesforce mobile app can be a game-changer for your business.

What is the Salesforce Mobile App?

The Salesforce Mobile app can be considered as a simplified and customizable version of your CRM, which is optimized for your phone, smartwatch, or tablet, so you can access your CRM, its apps, and customizations on the go.
Teams can customize the Salesforce mobile app as per their needs, depending on what they need access to when on the move.
For instance, service personnel may require access to guided service instructions from the Servicer Cloud on their tablet. There can be several details that you frequently access, so you can customize your app to keep those details on the top, enabling quick access.
The Salesforce App allows you to access all the data, just like you would on a desktop CRM. You can manage leads and opportunities, view and generate reports, collaborate with your team, and perform various other tasks over the Salesforce mobile app.

Logging In To Salesforce Mobile App

Accessing Salesforce mobile app is a piece of cake.
All you need is a few basic ingredients for logging in to the app:

    Your standard Salesforce username

    Your Salesforce password (keep this strong and super-secret, your business data depends on this)

   Web address to your Salesforce org’s site

The Salesforce 1 app can be downloaded from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store. The app’s login screen is configured to access the org using the login.salesforce.com address. But if you wish to log in using a custom domain, you can do so using this option on the login screen as shown.

Enable Business Mobility with Salesforce Mobile

Not just for online accessibility, but the offline feature of the Salesforce Mobile app allows the team to stay connected even when there’s no Wi-Fi or cellular data.

Any data accessed offline can be stored in the Salesforce mobile app,
using the internal storage available in the mobile device. And once internet access is restored, the mobile CRM will automatically update the information stored on your Salesforce platform.

So if you are out somewhere, Salesforce mobile app allows you to book a meeting or even close a deal on the go. Not just this, but you can perform any task over Salesforce, add an event or publish a Chatter post simply over your mobile.

How Using Salesforce Mobile Can Help You

The Salesforce mobile app can free up teams tied down to desktops. Here we have listed some of the major ways using a Salesforce app can help you with your business.

1. Access Customer Data from Anywhere

Imagine you’re on your way to conduct a meeting with a prospect.
On the way, you may want to give the proposal another look, or just refamiliarise yourself with the history between your client’s business and yours.
Or you may even be filling in for another Sales Agent who’s unavailable. In such a case, having access to all available data about the client or product on the go is even more crucial.
The Salesforce mobile app lets you do that all.
You can access details about your prospect, including any communication or business you had with them before. The app allows you to access notes and attachments, quotes, conversations, and anything else that’s important to know for an upcoming meeting.

2. Use Custom Actions

You can help your team save time and become more productive using custom actions on the mobile app to reduce long workflows. The Salesforce app can easily be tailored to deliver unique experiences for the different job roles and departments within your business.
You can easily create custom actions according to your needs, such as Create a Record, Log a Call, or Send Email actions.

3. Access In-app Notifications

Agents in your team can quickly respond to approval requests, look into new cases or reply to Chatter mentions (on Salesforce records) instantly from within the Salesforce app using in-app notifications.
This means even if your team is out in the field, they won’t be missing any important news or update.  

4. Work Offline

You might not always have wifi, and that’s okay!
The Salesforce mobile app allows its users to access CRM on two levels: caching frequently accessed records while offline, and Offline Edit, which allows users to create, edit and delete records when they are offline.

Key Takeaway

While Salesforce customizations and components can be configured for productivity and faster navigation, it can all be for nothing if you can’t access them in one-on-one situations when teams need them the most.
This is why we set up mobile access to Salesforce for a lot of clients with field teams.
Whether it is to access customer history, post events, send emails, or book meetings, all of it can be done on the go through your mobile devices. This is something that boosts productivity notably, especially for sales representatives and service technicians who are constantly on the field.
But that’s not all.
There’s a lot more you can do in Salesforce that can improve your field service and on-ground operations with apps. Get in touch with us in case you have trouble setting up mobile accessibility for Salesforce.
You can also reach out to our Salesforce experts to ask what else works for you to grow your business beyond your company walls.  

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