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Learn more about Einstein Bots and how they can help

Artificial Intelligence, or AI, has become the savior for many companies, whether for customer service, marketing, or sales operations. We can be sure that technology will stay at the heart of any organization and support humans in its most interactive ways.
Still, handing over customer interactions to a machine can be a massive leap of faith for some companies that prefer peer-to-peer engagement or concierge treatment.
And yet, Ai-infused chatbots are considered the most functional and effective in driving customer engagement. They simply can’t be written off.
If you are a business running on Salesforce, you can leverage the power of chatbots through Einstein Bots.
And as a Salesforce consulting agency, we’ve helped many of our clients to acquire the power of Einstein Bots and use AI technology to boost their productivity and improve customer service.

What are Salesforce Einstein Bots?

The Salesforce Einstein Bots are automated chatbots that companies actively use for customer support or sales enablement.
Whether you have a concerned customer with an issue or a browsing prospect who wants to know more about your products, Einstein Bots enable you to offer a seamless experience without any need for the customer to intervene.
Einstein Bots works on the technology of NLP (natural language processing) to understand what customers are saying in the Chat and direct them to what they need.
Einstein Bots have been around since the Summer 18’ release, but with every release, there have been new improvements. You can now even use Flows to query Salesforce records and more information for the Bot to work with.

How Using Einstein Bots could be Helpful

To understand Einstein Bots better, let’s look at how using the feature can be helpful for companies.
The response speed is the prime benefit of using Einstein Bots. It helps to reduce wait times in the queue by answering common questions immediately in a chat window instead of waiting for a response from any channel. Ultimately this results in fewer cases logged.

Bots can handle the most common issues or queries, giving agents more time to resolve complex problems requiring more effort and creativity.

Bots are highly used to instantly welcome customers with a branded greeting in a chat window. After the greeting, they’ll direct them to the online resources they need without human intervention.

Bots can also learn how to respond to customers appropriately and let agents do the heavier lifting using NLU (Natural Language Understanding) technologies.

Prerequisites for using Einstein Bot

Before you can start using Einstein Bots, there are a few prerequisites that you need to keep in mind:
Make sure you have a Service Cloud license and a Live Agent license
You must set up Omni Channel
Conduct the Live Agent Deployment
Set the Live Agent Chat button to routing type: Omni-Channel
The agents must be Service Cloud users
A Queue for your Chatbot agents
Conduct a Snap-in Deployment for hosting the Einstein Bot
After you’ve maintained these prerequisites, you can get started with using Einstein Bots!
These prerequisites might seem intimidating and challenging to set up if you’ve never used Live Agent. That’s where hiring Salesforce consulting services can help you.

How to Implement Einstein Bots

Now you know the importance of Einstein Bots. It’s time to understand how you can implement it.
You must enable Chat in your org. Go to Setup; in Quick find, search for ’ chat.’ Select Chat Settings. Click Enable Chat.
You have to implement either Chat or Messaging. You must connect it to a Chat implementation or a Messaging channel To use your Einstein bot. You can also use both together too.
Navigate to Setup. Search for Einstein Bots in the Quick Find box.
Enable Einstein Bots by clicking on the toggle.
After enabling the bot, click “New Bot” to create your new first bot.
Choose the type of your bots, which could be Standard or Enhanced. Standard bots are the basic bots, whereas when you use Enhanced Bot, you’ll get more personalized conversational experiences with added security.
Select Start from Scratch if you’re creating the first Bot in your org.
Give your bot a Name to personalize it. Also, select the language the Bot will use to conduct communication.
You must now define the Welcome message and actions that users could quickly use.
Click ‘Next.’
Click ‘Proceed.’
Click ‘Finish.’
When you’re at this stage, link your actions/Menu.
Click ‘Activate.’
Once you have activated the bot, this is how it will appear.
You can directly set up your Einstein Bot using this
How to Implement Einstein Bots PDF. → 

Winding Up

It is important to set the right expectations to implement a chatbot properly.
There’s a human customer on the other end of the Chat, so you must let them know they’re interacting with a digital assistant. But that doesn’t mean it should feel inhuman.
For best results, work on customizing your chatbots with a name and a personality that stays on brand. You should also consider ‘interaction design’ to design message responses and next steps for customers, which are intuitive, helpful, and easy to navigate.
There are lots of things that you have to keep in mind when getting Einstein Bots up and running. To make that easier for you, our Salesforce consultants are always ready to help you out. Talk to us to learn more about Einstein Bot and why it matters to your business.

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