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Our Top 10 Feature Picks from the Latest Salesforce Release

It just feels like yesterday when we were talking about features from Spring ‘22 release and now we’re here to discuss the top features from the Summer ‘22 release. Maybe time literally flies.
Since the Summer ‘22 release notes were out, every Salesforce enthusiast would have been waiting to get their hands on the latest features. We’re simplifying this a bit for you.
We’ve given it time and thought and picked out the top features from Salesforce Summer ‘22 release. Have a look at these and evaluate how they’re going to help your business.

1. Discover Framework

The new Discovery Framework data model allows users to manage questionnaires through data collection. Here are some of the capabilities you can enjoy:
  Create forms:
You can access an intuitive UI with OmniStudio to create complex forms.
  Create questions:
You create both standard and hierarchical questions and can even manage a repository of questions using as a single source of truth.
  Import and export (beta):
You can import and export assessment questions and assessment question sets using metadata APIs.
To enable Discovery Framework, go to
Setup→Discovery Framework→General Settings→Discovery Framework.

2. Dynamic Related Lists

There would surely be many times when you wanted to customize and filter related lists within the Lightning App Builder. The new release has made this possible.
With the new lightning component, “Dynamic Related List – Single”, you would be able to:
change the related list name,
add filters for which records to display,
update the number of records to display (up to 30),
and select the actions you allow from the related list.

3. Einstein

Summer ’22 has brought two amazing updates to Einstein with it:
With the new lightning component, “Dynamic Related List – Single”, you would be able to:

Lead Scoring:

You now get the ability to estimate the ROI of your company using Einstein Lead Scoring.

Guided setup for predictions:

You can now enable Einstein Prediction Builder with the help of the guided setup

4. Reports and Dashboards

Let’s have a look at several updates that we can find in Reports and Dashboard.

Reports based on selected Salesforce objects (Beta)

You can be able to filter specific objects while creating a new report!
You can enable this Beta feature by reaching out to Salesforce Support.

Summary functions on reports also consist of the Median function now

Edit multiple fields

With the help of inline editing, you can easily edit multiple fields and records without rerunning your report, thus saving you a lot of time.

5. Clean Up Inactive Picklist Values(Beta)

The previous update enabled you to get notified of the inactive values existing in your custom picklist fields. With Summer ‘22, you can clean up these inactive picklist values for a specific picklist field in one go.
You can find a new button Delete Unused Values on the picklist field. You have to select the values and hit the Delete Unused Values button to delete them all.
Note: You can access this feature only for custom picklists that have predefined values.

6. Enable Person Accounts without the help of Salesforce Support

Earlier, when you wanted to get your Person Accounts enabled, you had to contact Salesforce Support for the same.
But with the new release, Salesforce has introduced a guided setup that will self-enable Person Accounts.

7. New Product Names

You’re no stranger to product rebranding if you had been using Salesforce for a long time.
Even Summer ’22 has some product rebranding for you.
Here’s a list of products that got name changes:
TableauCRM is now CRM Analytics
High Velocity Sales is Sales Engagement now

These are the 6 Marketing Cloud Products that have been renamed:

Pardot will now be called Marketing Cloud Account Management
Salesforce CDP is to be called Marketing Cloud Customer Data Platform now
Advertising Studio is renamed to be Marketing Cloud Advertising
Messaging/Journeys is called Marketing Cloud Engagement now
Interaction Studio is now Marketing Cloud Personalization
Datorama is renamed to be Marketing Cloud Intelligence

8. Share Individual Campaigns with Colleagues in Lightning

Campaign Owners will now be able to share individual Campaigns manually with other Salesforce users.
Earlier this feature was only available in Classic and now it can be accessed in Lightning Experience as well.

9. Customize Cumulative Rollup Names

It’s been a long time since we’ve witnessed some updates in forecasts.
But now, we’ve got a bunch.
Even the last release had some new updates like efficient forecast setup, custom filters, new forecasting KPIs, and many such features.
With the Summer ‘22 release, we’ll have the ability to customize cumulative rollup names. This will allow you to change the label of a cumulative rollup.

10. Custom Address Field

You have surely been waiting for a custom address field that works the same way as the standard address field for a long time.
Well, the wait ends now.
This is a Beta feature from the new release.
Note: Before the custom address field is available, you must have State and Country/Territory picklist values configured.

Unlock the Salesforce Features from the New Release

This article here will help you get through the top features of the Summer ‘22 release and help you understand them and implement them in your business.
But it can surely be difficult to always be overwhelming to keep up with the upcoming new feature and pick out the right ones for your business logic and processes
Our certified professionals can assist you the best so you can understand these features well and identify what works the best for you, so you can concentrate on the bottom line.

Need help implementing this?

Leave your details here and consulting expert will get back to you and hold your hand through this