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360 degree cloud technologies pvt. ltd.
Prioritize Calling Tasks
Prioritize Calling Tasks
Power Dial Customers Automatically
Create IVR and Route Incoming
Create IVR and Route Incoming
call Recording
Performance Reports

Sales Heads, VPs, and Directors at leading companies use the CTI Call app for Sales Teams.


“Our on-call close rate has increased by 43% with coaching.”**


“Haven’t missed even a single incoming opportunity in months.”**


“The Sales Team has made 67% more calls this month.”**

**KPI estimates and results reported by customers and app users. Company Names withheld as per NDA.

Close sales 37% faster

with a centralized phone system.

Track Agent Performance.

Boost performance on call and ensure consistent customer experiences by effectively tracking and monitoring agents directly in Salesforce.

Newbie agents? Assist them with Double Listening, Murmuring, and Call Barging with CTI Integration Salesforce

Design Complex Call Routing.

Design Complex Call Routing.

Free up busy lines with 360 CTI integration in Salesforce. Increase Efficiency by routing calls directly to the right person.

Cut back Call Handling Time and Resolution Time. Design a clear and intuitive call flow with CTI Integration with Salesforce

Set Up Advanced IVR

Set Up Advanced IVR

Opt for Salesforce CTI integration and customize the customer experience with native-IVR in Salesforce.

Reduce Operational Costs by routing calls automatically to the right agents and increase first-call resolution.

Business Logic for Calls in a Few Clicks.

Business Logic for Calls in a Few Clicks.

Our 360 CTI integration with Salesforce distills years of CTI development work into minutes.

Get the tools you need to model your own use cases for calling with just clicks with Salesforce CTI integration

Adopt 360 CTI for your teams and get Relentless Value.

Put your mind at ease with 360 CTI in Salesforce
Find value in just 3 months.
Adoption is a Breeze.

Adoption is a Breeze.

Everything is as easy as a Left Click.

Proprietary Features.

Proprietary Features.

Unmatched, updated, and reliable

100% Free Support.

100% Free Support.

All-inclusive pricing.
No hidden charges.

Zero Code Solution.

No developer support needed for Salesforce telephony integration.

Business Leaders with customer-facing teams use 360 CTI as their secret revenue weapon.

They chose 360 CTI to create a sales calling system that works for their sales teams.

Better than 5 other apps, A GREAT CTI.

I've implemented 5 different CTI solutions for consulting clients
— this one is by far my favorite.


Daniel Howell

Systems Administrator
at Beyond Marketing, Montana

A TIME-SAVING Product and Setup.

This app is a time saver, keeps everything in line with your follow-up needs, and is not overcomplicated.

Mike Adams

Business Owner
at Smart Stays Inc, Ontario

Be #1 at
telesales and overachieve
Sales Quotas.


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