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360 degree cloud technologies pvt. ltd.

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Deliver relentless value.

Help your Salesforce Clients increase

Accountability, Availability, and Call Performance

for customer-facing teams on the frontlines.


Click-to-dial, Power Dialers for outgoing calls


Smart Call Routing, Complex IVR for incoming calls


Automatic Lead Capture, Case Capture


Call Performance Tracking and Day-to-day Analytics for managers

Setting up Telephony is now Child’s Play.

360 CTI is fully supported by a team of
650+ Salesforce Developers

and integrates seamlessly with Salesforce Clouds.

icon   Completely Salesforce Native, Rapid and Easy to set up
icon   Technically Complete CTI, Updated and reliable proprietary features
icon  100% free support by a team of 650+ SF Developers
icon  No additional Hardware or software needed.

Sales Heads, Customer Support Heads,

VPs, and Directors at leading companies
trust 360 CTI for telephony.

Your Salesforce clients will too.

Help your Salesforce clients:

Cover 99% of Leads and Cases with Calls.

Overachieve Sales Quotas and CSAT goals 37% faster.

Reduce Call Logging by 81%.

That means more calls made, higher closure rates with call coaching, and no missed opportunities.

Business Leaders with customer-facing teams use 360 CTI and Salesforce
as their secret revenue weapon.​

“Better than 5 other apps, A GREAT CTI.

I've implemented 5 different CTI solutions for consulting clients

—this one is by far my favorite.”


Daniel Howell

Systems Administrator
at Beyond Marketing, Montana

"A TIME-SAVING Product and Setup.

This app is a time saver, keeps everything in line with your follow-up needs, and is not over-complicated.”

Mike Adams

Business Owner
at Smart Stays Inc, Ontario

A CTI that profits your clients and you both!!!

Earn 15% in commissions

with a CTI that Salesforce clients love.

Grab your complimentary copy of ‘Doubling Your Salary in 90 Days’