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360 degree cloud technologies pvt. ltd.

Salesforce Integration Partners in the United States

Enable 360-degree of business insights,
bring tools from your practice area into Salesforce

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Services covered by our

Salesforce App Integration in California

Integrate Salesforce with External Systems

Connect Salesforce with other CRM and ERP systems you currently use in-house with our Salesforce Integration Company

Data Integration with Automation

Scale sales and marketing teams with data integration for a centralized view and automation tools

Data Synchronization

Achieve data synchronization with Salesforce integration services and to reduce redundancies

App-Based Salesforce Integration

Integrate third-party applications with Salesforce using APIs to save time spent switching between apps

Connect Toolchains and Centralize Systems to make Salesforce Integrations Impactful

Get Access to Streamlined Processes, better Analytics, and Greater ROI

Our Salesforce Integration Process

Requirement Analysis

Conduct a comprehensive requirement analysis to understand your business objectives and need to perform Salesforce integration

System Integration

Develop a Salesforce integration strategy and safely execute it, taking care of any industry-specific customizations required by the business

Data Migration

Collect, prepare, and migrate data, maintaining a seamless flow of data between Salesforce and the external systems

Post Integration

Monitor, test, and review the systems to identify errors and train your team to manage the newly integrated systems with the best Salesforce Partner in the USA

Salesforce App Integrations from our office in California

ERP Integration 

Integrate ERP systems with Salesforce to streamline business functions for better planning and decision-making

CTI Integration

Perform Computer-Telephony Integration to connect your third-party CTI systems with a Salesforce call center

Social Media Integration

Get a unified view of customer insights from different social media platforms within Salesforce


E-commerce Integration

Integrate e-commerce platforms like Magento and Shopify with Salesforce to improve sales and management


Email Integration

Integrate email platforms and access all information in one place, get MailChimp Salesforce Integration in United States

ITSM Integration

Empower your IT Service Management by bringing sales, technical, and customer service teams together


Accounting Integration

Link Salesforce with your accounting software to get complete visibility on financial data and transactions


Collaboration System Integration
Integrate collaboration systems like Office 365 and SharePoint with Salesforce to streamline teamwork on projects  
Benefits of a Custom

Salesforce API Integration from us

Comprehensive 360-Degree View

Get a unified view of all customer and business information across different systems within one interface

Business Process Automation

Bring data from different departments together to automate processes like billing, and quote generation

Effortless Access to Data

Save time of team members switching between systems to look for information, with a centralized system

Enhanced Operational Efficiency

Enable teams with easier data access to speed up business operations and productivity, 

Why choose our Salesforce Integration Services in the USA?


We have a decade-long experience of Salesforce integration with third-party applications for 30+ industry verticals


We have the best talent on-board, certified and experienced Salesforce integration experts to provide technically superior services


We believe keeping our engagement and integration process transparent and clear, working hand-in-hand with client for long-term

Client Satisfaction

We take full ownership of offering more value for your money by integrating legacy systems with Salesforce, keeping you ahead of your competition

Intelligently Integrate Systems, Teams, and Tools


Yes, HubSpot can integrate with Salesforce. The HubSpot Salesforce integration allows you to sync data between the two systems, ensuring that both systems are always up to date with the latest information. With the help of Salesforce integration services, you can push leads and contacts from HubSpot to Salesforce, automatically create deals in Salesforce when certain criteria are met, and pull data from Salesforce into HubSpot for use in marketing and sales activities.

The different types of Salesforce integration handled by experienced Salesforce integration partners include the following:

– User Interface (UI) integration
– Business Logic integration
– Data integration
– Authentication integration
– External Services integration
– Platform Event integration

Yes, HubSpot can integrate with Mailchimp. The integration allows you to sync your HubSpot contacts with your Mailchimp list and vice versa so that you can manage your email campaigns and marketing automation in Mailchimp while still having all your contact data stored in HubSpot.

This can be useful if you have an existing Mailchimp list that you want to use in HubSpot or if you want to continue using Mailchimp for email marketing while still benefiting from HubSpot’s powerful inbound marketing and CRM capabilities. A Salesforce integration company can help you achieve any such type of integration.