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Salesforce Retires Einstein Voice

Salesforce Retires Einstein Voice

What Lies Ahead For Natural Language Search


No one could tell the magnitude of voice-enablement in the workplace until Salesforce finally brought Einstein Voice (Beta) to the user interface. Despite being short-lived with the existence of 8 months, Voice assistance had acquainted its users with a new way of performing actions by eliminating the need for typing. 

By 2023, 25 percent of employee interactions with applications will be via voice.

Source: Gartner Projections

Thus, understanding the potential of voice for business workflows, Salesforce came up with Einstein Voice (Beta). But now the feature has been retired and was available till July 10th, 2020 only.
Source: SalesforceBen

No doubt, news of Einstein Voice (Beta) retirement disappointed many of its users due to the value this feature brought to users’ daily workflows. Not only did Einstein Voice (Beta) allow users to update Salesforce conversationally but also helped with personalized daily briefings and data accessing by voice command only. But Einstein’s Voice Assistant was not alone in the race that retired, another voice-enabled feature, Einstein Voice Skills (Beta) that debuted in November 2019 also retired.

Einstein Voice Skills (Beta)

Einstein Voice Skills, enabled developers and admins to build custom voice-powered apps, regardless of roles and industry of employees, and replace any manual data entry or manual Salesforce navigation.
Salesforce-the no.1 CRM never drops its features until there are some new ones in place.

Is Voice Ever Coming back?

SAN FRANCISCO—DREAMFORCE 2019—November 19, 2019- Einstein Voice Assistant and Einstein Voice Skills were expected to be in beta in February 2020. But unfortunately, before facilitating users, betas of both the features (Einstein Voice Assistant and Einstein Voice Skills) were deprecated. Voice Interoperability Initiative, a program headed by Amazon, and  Salesforce is still a part of it. The program aims to ensure voice-enabled products like smart speakers.

For Salesforce, ‘Voice’ is still a prime focus and which is why heading towards AI-enhanced conversational interfaces emphasizing heavily on innovation. Further, embedment of voice capabilities into various products and platform services evidently shows that voice functionalities are still in the game. To help employees get more value out of call transcripts, Salesforce is adding new features powered by natural language processing (NLP).

What’s New?

The eradication of Einstein Voice features raised several questions in the minds of the users like- why that happened?
Shifting priorities of Salesforce implicitly pointing towards the voice market’s competitiveness and compelling them to reshape voice functionalities in an innovative way.

Salesforce Anywhere App

Amidst all this, Salesforce Anywhere app with voice functionality has emerged as an answer where possibly the Salesforce team was busy. To overcome the effects of Covid-19 in business and support remote working, the app enables better collaboration among the team from anywhere and fosters remote productivity. Also, now users are all set to experience chat, videos, alerts, and comments from within the CRM. With this app, users can simply get real-time alerts or updates about deal progress and take assistance from AI-prompted actions to the next steps.

Salesforce Anywhere (Beta) is expected to arrive in August 2020, whereas the full product is set to arrive in the fourth quarter of 2020. 

What alternatives do you have to enable ‘voice-like’ capabilities?

If it is not exactly a voice feature, still Salesforce is enriched with ‘voice-like’ features. These features accommodate users at every step and upgrade existing ones. Let’s find out what next we have with ‘voice-like’ features to capitalize on:

Natural Language Processing (NLP)

NLP lets you scale language-related tasks and empower computers to understand words, phrases, sentences, and paragraphs to understand their meaning and talk with humans in their own language. Thus, to improve sales and services team performance, new voice intelligent solutions that apply natural language processing (NLP) are all set to serve users.

Service Cloud Voice (GA- Generally Available)

The capability of new and advanced service cloud enables customer support representatives to handle voice calls in a better way capitalizing AI-powered recommended responses, knowledge articles, and best actions at the next step. This is all because Service Cloud Voice integrates with transcription services that enable conversion of voice to text in real-time.

Service Cloud Voice also integrates telephony in Service Cloud. As a result, users have consolidated phones, digital channels, and CRM data in one centralized console. According to Dreamforce 2019 event, Service Cloud Voice was expected to be in pilot in February 2020, which is now generally available for users since June 2020.

Einstein Call Coaching (GA- Generally Available)

This new Sales Cloud capability allows managers to get visibility into conversational data. Also, you can customize your keywords for the data you want to collect. The feature helps managers with real-time insights and trend analysis. Managers can effortlessly count competitors’ mentions and the company’s product mentions. Further, you can use it to understand the talk and listen to the ratio of the sales employee. According to Dreamforce 2019 event, Einstein Call Coaching was already in the pilot stage which is now generally available for users since June 2020.


Salesforce has never disheartened its users. Hence, before eliminating any feature, it always has something new to facilitate and entice users with advanced capabilities. Simply, you should always keep an eye out for the latest updates in the Salesforce paradigm. And this will aid you to head towards an advanced business model with upgraded features.