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Top 10 CRM Software for Small Businesses

top 10 CRM for small businesses
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In the present era, with the advent of technology, it has now become important to stay ahead of your competitors in the long run in order to achieve success. This is also true that in the modern era, small business needs to cope up with the latest technology available in town so that they can establish themselves in this hugely competitive market. The use of latest technology involves the use of CRM software as the top-most priority. Without using an adequate CRM solution, it might become much difficult for a business to survive. There would be higher possibilities of business to fail in its initial phases only if it has not opted for the right solutions.

This blog will provide you with insights into the various CRM software that would work best for small businesses or SMBs. Continue reading to get further knowledge on the same.

Following are the top 10 CRM solution that small businesses can make the most out from:

1) Zoho– Zoho is a quite advanced CRM solution, especially for the small business or the people operating SMBs. Providing you with various sales/ marketing features, it comes in professional and enterprise editions.

2) Insightly– Insightly is the leading CRM software among small business owners. It is very helpful as it provides a better experience of navigation and customization to its users.

3) Salesforce– Salesforce CRM is among the most trustworthy CRM solutions and it is used most widely in the market today. It includes a lot of options supporting integration and customization.

4) Hubspot– Hubspot offers you with some basic functionalities of the CRM platform that allows you to track your employees’ activities along with boosting your inbound sales as well.

5) Agile CRM– Agile CRM is quite an interesting CRM as it provides its users with some functionalities which are mainly available for big businesses like custom automation, reports via email, etc.

6) Capsule CRM– Capsule is quite an easy-to-use CRM solution which became popular in the recent years only. It can be used very well on both- desktop as well as mobile.

7) OnePage CRM– This CRM solution is more catered towards the needs of the users. It can also be easily integrated with a wide variety of third-party apps like email marketing, accounting, etc.

8) Streak– Undoubtedly, it is a great CRM software for Gmail enthusiasts. This makes it very easy to track views, send mass emails and schedule emails.

9) ConvergeHub– It is a cloud-based CRM which is great for SMBs. It includes built-in Salesforce automation and automation modules too.

10) Suite CRM– It is an open-source CRM software that can be completely customized as per the users’ needs and requirements. It can also serve as a great CRM software for small businesses and SMBs.

So, the above-mentioned are the top 10 CRM software that would work best for small businesses or the SMBs. In the present era where technology has bound everyone in some or the other way, it is impossible to start and run a business without making the use of the latest technology for the same. It has now become a necessity to opt for the right solution in order to witness the growth of your business in this vast pool which is already saturated by the same people and professions. Talking in context of the CRM software, in particular, we can also say that small businesses or SMBs need to take the help of such third-party tools in order to stabilize themselves in the initial phases of their business.

The importance of the above-mentioned CRM solutions combined with the latest technology must never be under-estimated. Now, after going through all the above-mentioned CRM software; you might get confused about which software to choose in order to achieve the desired results. So, always keep in mind that there are several things which you must consider before making a decision like- integration with third-party tools, accessibility, user interface and obviously the price quotation. All of these factors equally contribute to help you in choosing the best CRM solution for your business or SMB. Never make such important decisions in a hurry. Take your time, think nicely and choose wisely!

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