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Top 7 Salesforce Apps That Can Create Bigger Opportunities

Top 7 Salesforce Apps That Helps To Create Bigger Opportunities
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Being the most trusted CRM solution in the present-day industry, it is the prime responsibility of Salesforce to fulfill the major expectations of its users worldwide. It never steps back when it comes to bringing the latest updates on its software for the betterment of the customers as well as business organizations. The platform named ‘Salesforce AppExchange’ consists of around thousands of apps which can help businesses bring more profit in the long run. It depends on the needs and requirements of a specific business model which decides its overall performance among its wide range of competitors. The wide variety of useful apps can always help you generate higher profits in the form of increased ROI and enhanced performance. In this blog, we will discuss a few major applications that can help you create bigger and greater opportunities for your respective business domains. Find it out here.

Get your hands on these Top 7 Salesforce Apps Now

The apps found on the Salesforce AppExchange are usually categorized based on their extreme functionality and usage area. Starting with the most important ones, let us start discussing the major apps which one must not miss at any cost.

1. Private AppExchange

By using this wonderful app, users can enable a private view of the selected Salesforce apps instead of allowing unlimited access to the people for viewing any specific apps for their choice. It also displays reviews from your company’s employees for the selected set of apps so that people can easily make a decision considering the same. Customizing the store has become much easier than before.

2. 360 SMS App

One of the top-rated texting apps for Salesforce, 360 SMS App has been winning the hearts of its users from across the globe. It has been providing the people with a wide range of advanced functionalities apart from the primary ones. Empowering the masses to make the best out of text messaging, this Salesforce texting App has more than 320 positive reviews on the Salesforce AppExchange marking a long-lasting impression.

3. Salesforce CRM Dashboards

Unfortunately, most of the Salesforce enthusiasts are still unaware of the most advanced upgrades which can be easily availed free of cost on this amazing platform. One of them being these creative CRM dashboards which are easily customizable for sales, marketing, and the other necessary departments as per the business’ needs and requirements.

4. 360 Opt-in/ Opt-Out

This is another wonderful app by 360 Degree Cloud technologies helping out people at its best to fetch the desired results. Using this 360 Opt-in/Opt-Out App, you provide the users with the ability to unsubscribe from your mailing lists (if those are irrelevant), and also to resubscribe if they have opted out by mistake. You may also get to know the reason for them opting out of your mailing campaigns so that you can work upon it accordingly.

5. 360 Verify The Email

This powerful app offers something unique to the users. It provides real-time verification of email addresses so that none of your time and money is wasted. It can work well on both standards as well as custom objects. Bulk validation saves time and energy altogether. This way, you can also update your mailing lists to get more accurate results in a lesser period.

6. 360 Merge Duplicate

This app comes in use whenever the users feel the need for data segregation. Duplicate or redundant data might result in causing problems later. To avoid such situations, this app is really useful for merging duplicate contacts so that an updated database is provided within the required time frame. This is also beneficial in saving the right amount of time and energy all along.

7. 360 Roll Up Any

Last, but not the least, another Salesforce app by 360 Degree Cloud technologies can be highly useful when it comes to making calculations including Count, Average, Minimum, Maximum, etc. The first 4 roll-ups are available free of cost for all business organizations. Get started with it now if you haven’t yet.


On an ending note, the conclusion can be derived stating that getting started with these top 7 Salesforce apps on time can result in tremendous results. Choosing the best ones among the huge pool of similar-looking apps might be sounding like a challenge, but not if you possess the right skill set along with relevant knowledge & experience. We have already listed the best of the Salesforce apps, which is used at the right time can provide you with highly appreciable outcomes as well. Thinking of giving it a try? We are here to help you. Connect with our certified experts today to get started.

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