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Top Features of Salesforce 2019

top features of Salesforce 2019
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So, like every time, it was that time of the year when Salesforce releases new features for its users to make their lives easier and pain-free. With a whole new range of functionalities, it was such a delight for the users to avail these benefits in order to maximize their profits as well as revenue. This blog contains a detailed description of the new features of the latest summer release by Salesforce.

The following are the best ever functionalities that Salesforce is offering to its users in its latest summer release:


1) Prompt Lightning Experience-

This feature allows you to work on the Classic version, although Lightning will be treated as a critical update only and it will continuously encourage you to go for this transition as early as possible.

2) Send Surveys for Free-

With the help of this latest update, you can send and receive surveys for free, i.e. without being charged a single penny. Rather, you will be charged on the basis of how many responses you received after the initial free phase.

3) Power up Related Lists-

Salesforce has extended its power of customizing the page layout in its latest summer update which allows you to resize or sort columns, perform mass actions or even wrap text as well.

4) Merge up to 3 Case Records-

This is going to be the favorite feature for the majority of the customers as they would now be allowed to merge up to 3 case records at once.

5) Update Sales Quota Easily-

Before this release, Sales quota needed to be updated with the help of either API or the data loader, but now it can easily be done within Salesforce only.

6) Salesforce Confetti Celebration-

Salesforce has also added a little nice celebratory theme which you can easily apply on a specific opportunity or lead when it reaches to a certain stage. You can give your users a nice surprise by turning this on.

So, the above mentioned were some of the recently released updates by the Salesforce in its summer release. The Summer’19 release was a relief for the majority of the users who use, breath, feel Salesforce for their online businesses. Not switched to the Lightning version yet? Need our help? We have got you covered. 360 Degree Cloud is a Salesforce registered ISV and Consulting partner offering a wide range of services related to Salesforce. Wish to give us a try? Connect with our tech experts today and unleash the best of Salesforce with the best ever Salesforce agency that you would ever come across.

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