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Why Opt for SMS Campaign Rather than Email Campaign? Find it Out Here

opt for SMS campaign
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Well, emails and SMS along with other available communication channels have been used widely at the global level to get the desired results in a spontaneous manner. Marketers are just going nuts over the derived results majorly with emails and text messages. But the former one is quite less impressive than the latter one when it comes to reliability and accessibility. We are well aware of the fact that emails do not have even have a closer delivery rate to texts. There are higher chances that an email gets marked as spam and does not even make its way to the customer’s inbox, whereas this is definitely not the case with SMS. Marketers have probably face this tough choice at least once in their career when they need to decide whether they should go for an email campaign or text messaging campaign. This blog might clear your doubts to a certain level. Continue reading to find out the best.

Which is Better- SMS or Email?

So, this is really not that tough to decide. There are certain factors which might help us arriving on a decision. A few of them are mentioned below:

1) Accessibility:

In this present era, I think this must not be even considered as a reason anymore. Accessibility here means how easily each can be accessed by the people. A user needs to have an internet connection to have quick access to their mailbox, whereas this is not an option in the case of text messages. One can easily access them anytime, anywhere in a day. However, the powerful presence of the internet has already minimized this gap but still, we need to consider it from every possible angle.

2) Open Rates:

Talking about the open rates, we can say that emails have around only 20% open rates which is much lesser than SMS which has over 98% open rates. There is a huge difference between these two because of the deliverability rates and maybe other factors also contribute equally towards it. The majority of the emails are marked as spam in the initial phases only and do not even make their way up to the inbox of the person. This is not the same for texts.

3) Reliability:

As per a survey, it was revealed that people are more likely to trust SMS in comparison to the emails. It is because of some psychological factors which might contribute well to this factor. People feel text messages as a more reliable communication channel that is one of the reasons they trust them more and hence prefer texts over emails.

Ending Note

So, after the reasons stated above, one can easily make a decision about whether they need to go for text messages or emails when it comes to a marketing campaign. Especially, marketers should take note of it because they need to come up with highly effective methods to make them work out well. The ones who are directly or indirectly affiliated with the marketing department would understand the importance of getting higher ROI and maximum benefits while deciding for a specific marketing campaign. They need to ensure that whichever channel is being chosen by them possess the capabilities of yielding greater results in a shorter span of time.

On a concluding note, it can also be said that SMS Marketing can be the top choice for the majority of the marketers when it comes to ensuring a sustainable future of your business firm. Think wisely and choose smartly!